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Thank you for Visiting! The SUPPLY BUNKER was opened in November 2010. Locally owned and operated by a husband & wife team who are both Veterans of the US Army. We believe in being prepared & ready for whatever life throws at you. 

We sell True US Military Surplus clothing, boots & tactical gear. We are a Authorized Dealer for ROTHCO brand products and have clothing for women & TROOPER GEAR for children. 

We can help you build your emergency Kits and Bug-Out-Bags. Our Library / Book collection on related topics is large.

The SUPPLY BUNKER has the LARGEST Ammo Can selection in North Florida / Southern Georgia to include .30cal, 50cal, SAW (aka FAT 50), 40mm, 81mm Short & Tall and the extremely hard to find 25mm cans and 20mm cans along with Wooden Grenade Crates

Our Collectible Pin, Patch & Flag collections which are for Sale is the LARGEST from Key West to Gatlinburg east of the Mississippi with over 5700 different items.

We Also have a large selection of knives from pocket, S&W, HUMVEE, UZI and are an authorized dealer for GERBER Tactical Knives & Tools. Personal defense gear includes batons, stun guns, Wild Fire Pepper Spray, Guard Dog products, Civilian TASER's  & more.

We will help you find that elusive item you have been looking or may be able to suggest where to find it.

*Special Note: The Supply Bunker does on occasion purchase Previous Issue personal Military Gear from Individuals. However do not expect to call and be quoted a price for items over the phone. That would be the same as buying a Weapon or a Car without looking at it first. We ask that if you do bring your items by for purchase that you do not come with the expectation of Selling them for what you see them selling for on the Internet!! We are not in Business to break even. You are more than Welcome to bring your items by to see if we are interested. We DO NOT PURCHASE DRESS UNIFORM Items of any type. We suggest if you do not want your Dress Uniforms anymore to donate them to a local VFW or American Legion. 

Finding Surplus is a never ending process. Everyone wants Surplus and not pay high prices. As the Military Surplus becomes harder to find the more time we must dedicate to finding it.

So if you stop in we will acknowledge you verbally if you look at us.

If we are on the phone and look at us we will wave to you.

If we are helping another customer we will acknowledge if we can without taking away the attention the other Customer requires.

If you stop in and immediately turn right or go directly to the back of the store you will not be greeted.

If you are on your Cell Phone we will NOT interrupt your conversation

If you have a question ask!                If you need assistance ask!!          Even if we are on the phone or Internet trying to find Surplus!

To ALL you KAREN's out there. If we are NOT OPEN exactly on time Life happens.  Truck broke, Family, TRAFFIC etc. 
If life has never happened to you consider yourself lucky!
If we are NOT going to be OPEN we will have it listed here on this page.
Do not call and whine about the store being CLOSED nothing we have in the store is that important unless the TEOTWAWKI is happening but if it is you're too late.
Leaving a Karen message that tries to make us feel bad doesn't work we have been around the block to many times.

The Supply Bunker now has a very Limited Stock of Night Vision

Not Military Grade but get's the job done!

To ALL our Customers as always be SAFE, Watch your 6, and thanks for your Loyalty over our 10 years in business!

Also we are the Exclusive area Dealer for RAPID STOP Tourniquets.

 With this NEW State of the art  system you can obtain Total Occlusion in 10 seconds or less!

5 times faster than applying a CAT

We have AMMO!

 Limited amounts

45ACP - .308 - 5.56/.223 - 12ga 00 

 Looking for Body Armor? 

Arriving July 1st our much awaited Soft Body Armor Level IIIa Vests

New Sizwes 2XL, XL, Large & Medium

Only 2 of each size will be available.

More are on order but when they arrive?

Our NEW Shipment of Level III & IV Plates has arrived!

All are NEW / Unissued

We have Ceramic and Ultra Lite available

If you are looking for Body Armor NOW is the time to try and get some. Our Supplier is now 3-7 weeks backordered.

What we have inhouse now is All we will have for several weeks.

We can pre-order for you. However you will have to pay for it now and wait for it to arrive.

TAGUA Gun Leather Holsters  60% OFF

(Averaging 30% less than On-Line at



When emergencies strike, rest easy knowing that you and your family are prepared to weather the storm in safety.

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1280 Blanding Blvd
Orange Park, FL 32065

Business Hours 

Mon: CLOSED                              (However we are usually here on Monday's doing paperwork 12:00-17:00)
Tue: 10:00 - 17:45
Wed: 10:00 - 17:45
Thu: 10:00 - 17:45                        (If you are here by 17:45 we will be here until you have completed your shopping at your leisure)
Fri: 10:00 - 17:45
Sat: 10:00 - 17:45

YP Reviews

Elli H. On 01.16.2015

Nice Local Business. Not big but has alot of neat stuff. Definitely new and used Suplus gear as advertised. I was looking for Boots and they had so many available. The Pin Collection is AWESOME!!

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