WOW! The impeller was close to toast! - 2020

 We rounded Cabo Corrientes (Cape of Currents) with this impeller!. Several of the tabs are near breaking right off. The broken off tabs of course would have probably clogged up the heat exchanger.

Our new battery caps we installed - 2020

The Water Miser Battery Caps on our fairly new LTH batteries. We keep our house batteries under our settee. These will help keep the battery water consumption down and eliminate most fumes.

Companionway doors are finished being varnished - 2020

After trying to prep the companion way doors, we decided to put it off as we were too busy with our end of season cruising. When we got back to Puerto Vallarta in June, we realized we would need them for the a/c and we had lots to do to summarize the boat. 

Our first Estafeta shipment has arrived! - 2020

Logo Estafeta
Yes, once our estafeta package shipped it only took about 5 days or so to get here. 
We have another smaller package that we are building and we will see how it does. This does prove that it does work. 

Almost summer-ready here in Paradise! - 2020

 Our Achilles LSI-310E dinghy is all cleaned and ready to be stored away (as of this writing, it is now stored away). We washed up our dinghy chaps and Debbie will do some sewing repair on them where needed. Our sails are down, washed and dried and also stored away along with our stack-pack, lazy jacks and reef lines etc. Our halyards are protected etc. Our deck is...

Barra Lagoon Waypoints - 2020

Here is a link to the website that gives information about Barra and surrounding areas, including waypoints for the lagoon. Waypoints are listed below.

Estafeta shipping, our shipping agent, first try - 2020

Logo Estafeta
This process takes a little while since it the first time (hopefully).
Final quote, as well as our waybill, the final quote already has the 50% discount. The quote and rest of the info listed below.