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June 18, 2020


I’ve been noticing it a lot lately. And, today, I decided to document all the virtue signalling I am subjected to. This started at about 8 am this morning and by 9:15, I saw all of this:

Wanting to be left out of all of it is not good enough.

June 16, 2020


Putting it together, I made a mistake of having the stock fold to the left side.

This seemed easier to operate but it also did the following:

*Hit the charging handle.

*Interfered with the sling.

*And it interfered with the grip.



SCOTUS Denies Cert In Pending 2A Cases. Roberts is the gift that keeps on giving, isn’t he?

The strategy of winning at the courts seems to be failing.


The NRA calls out Fudds.


In light of recent events:

“2,000 people joined NAAGA (National African American Gun Association – Ed) in 36 hours after George Floyd,” said founder Philip Smith. “That broke our records. We’re getting a ton of folks from all over.”


The police show up to search an 11 year-old’s bedroom because some pearl-clutcher saw a BB gun during an online school meeting.


Graphic images at link, you’ve been warned. This looks more like a case against leather holsters to me.


Joe went and visited Soymalia err Veganzuela err Emo Jiwa err CHAZ err CHOP and has photos.

Gun Porn

38 Double Action Perfected Model

June 11, 2020

In Chicago

18 murders in one day, a new record. I’m certain the Black Lives Matter folks will pay serious attention to this.

Machine gun case advancing through courts

Was stopped when the DOJ filed a motion to vacate because they would likely lose.

NRA Annual Meeting

It has been rescheduled in a new location.


I lost an argument so change the meaning of the word.


Trump’s Bump Stock Ban Is Under Fire From His Own Judicial Appointees

Kavanaugh was critical of it too. This was a bad executive decision that, in a reasonable world, could not stand judicial scrutiny.

Pistol strap

That seems odd.


The fastest socialists ever went hungry.

Meanwhile, I’m certain all those going on about armed insurrection from right wing zealots are in a rush to condemn CHAZ, right?

Gun control cannot work

Thanks to 3D printing: Winnipeg man arrested had 3D printed receivers.

Gun Porn


June 08, 2020

The reason is on your TeeVee

The year gun control died.

But I’m told gun ownership is on the decline!

Millons of new gun owners in 2020. 40% are women.


A police chief has forced out after supporting the second amendment rights in his community.


In their zeal to ban guns, Canada managed to ban the website

Noted gun expert Joe Biden

He has a history of saying dumb things about guns, the latest:

Instead of standing there and teaching a cop when theres an unarmed person coming at em with a knife or something to shoot em in the leg instead of the heart is a very different thing

Unarmed and with a knife! Also, if one has to shoot someone in self defense, you shoot to stop. Not to kill or to wound.

Ruger LCP 22LR

A look over at LuckyGunner. I’m sort of torn on this one. Given its size relative to the LCP 380, I’d weigh the caliber a bit. On the other, in 22LR, I don’t have to invest in another caliber. On the third hand, the capacity is noce.

Shocking no one

Crime soars in New Zealand after gun bans.

Life in the future

Elmer Fudd becomes a real Fudd because the “reboot” will not put guns in the episodes. Cannons and scythes, sure. Guns, nope. Also, hunting rabbits with a scythe sounds totally realistic.

The future is stupid.

Gun Porn

Various round cut in half.

May 20, 2020

Oh, hey

Things are slowly getting back to something resembling normal. The kids are holding up much better than I am. Fortunately, we have support from family and friends that helped get us through the initial shock and the weeks since. It’s been rough.

The thing I focus on now is simplifying life, the house, and, well, as much as I can. It keeps me focused and provides a needed distraction. Organizing the basement, office and garage has taken up a lot of my time. As has consolidating and closing accounts and so on.

While I wouldn’t consider us to have been under quarantine necessarily, I did pretty much eliminate any unnecessary travel for us. As the world is returning to normal (at least where I live), I may have to re-evaluate. Hope all of you are coping with the current situation well.

Oh, and this is a gun blog. To keep myself further occupied, I started a new project:

That’s a Ruger PC Charger in 9mm. It takes Glock magazines. Pros: Sturdy construction; I like the ergonomics; It runs pretty much just like my 10/22.

Cons: No rail or slots on the top of the barrel, which means any BUIS would be short.

I put on a Sig Folding Knuckle to accept an SB pistol brace. The screws that came with the knuckle were junk. The heads came right off while tightening. A trip to Home Depot fixed that. I like the brace quite a lot.

Magpul sling because I have Magpul slings on all of my rifles.

The optic is a Vortex SPARC, at the recommendation of another blogger sort. Seems to be a decent sight but it has the same flaw EOTechs have: it shuts off automatically. Not a fan of that one feature. Would rather it stayed on until I turned it off.

The muzzle device is Southern Precision Tooling’s Hu Du because I have those on all of my rifles. And they are awesome.

Anyway, it’s bore sighted and hope to get it to the range soon.

May 04, 2020

Is this thing on?

Just a note to let you know that I am still around. Just not feeling it for obvious reasons.

April 14, 2020

One thing COVID19 has assured me of is that government remains terrible

We’ve all heard the stories. Governor’s overreaching. Cops arresting people who are paddle boarding alone, driving alone, and generally doing things that threaten no one. However, the cops do turn that into a threatening situation. Here are two ways the .gov has personally impacted me:

When my wife passed, we were out of town. The governor ordered a shutdown of the state and I couldn’t leave because she was in the hospital. Everything is shutdown. All of it. Except for fucking toll booths. I’m no epidemiologist but it seems to me that thousands of people coming into contact with a small group of people over a long time period would do more to spread the disease than people going to the beach. But the state’s gotta get that revenue.

Then, once I returned home, I received the most bizarre telephone call. First, some background: When my wife was still alive at the hospital, I asked specifically if they were going to test her for the coronavirus. They told me no because she displayed no symptoms. I couldn’t stay with her at the hospital because of the virus protocol. I could only visit if they called and allowed me. The hospital called and informed me that a CT scan confirmed that she had suffered a collapsed lung due to chest compressions and this put her at risk. As such, they tested her and it came back negative.

Then the call happened. Caller ID identified the number as the Tennessee Department of Health. On the other end of the line was a woman named *redacted* who stated she was a Registered Nurse with the department. She had no sense of social interaction and her speech pattern was so bizarre that I thought it was a robot call. And I hung up on her and blocked the number. She was seriously fucking weird.

Two days later, I receive a letter from *redacted* at the Health Department stating it was urgent that I call them. I called and, sure enough, *redacted* answered the phone. Still incapable of picking up on common human social skills, she inquired about my wife. I informed her she had passed. She oddly offered condolences and informed me that she was part of the team tracking virus related deaths in the state. I told her my wife tested negative for the virus. And she told me that when my wife was tested out of state, that hospital informed the department she had been tested. But didn’t tell them she was negative. I found it very strange.

I’d bet $100 right now that she is counted among the official death toll in Tennessee due to COVID19,