Are you evolving?

Harmonizing heart and mind?

Do you have gifts?

Gifts that can impact the world in a positive way?


Do you dream of a team?

A team with a plan for universal well-being?



Have you noticed that every one of us are showing signs and symptoms of Global PTSD?!
We are scarred by forced participation in a competitive society when cooperative collaboration is what we all long for!
Arc7.org is a nonprofit organization made up of 7 Teams who work together towards a shared reality
that there is a way to heal, interrupt, solve, and prevent Global PTSD with one system: Arc7.

Arc7 Projects Accelerate Human Evolution

Arc7 Projects focus on 7 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that address 7 Gaps in today’s global system

Arc7 Projects are shown below along with the goals and gaps they address:


Financial System
Global Corruption

Innovative Co-op
Income Solutions


Big Pharma
Lifestyle issues

Prevention Education
Health Programs


?Access based
on Income

Free Education


Pressure to conform
and perform


Protection of
inalienable rights


Connection interrupted
Complex PTSD

Compassion Training and
Reshaping Relationships


Corporate control
Top-down power

Think Tanks
Business Incubator



Exploitation of human
and natural resources

Abundance for All
Harmony with Nature

Arc7 Vision-Based Courses are designed to heal and equip our members
to fill crucial roles in the Global Well-Being Think Tank.


Become a Member!

The courses on this website are part of the on-boarding process for people who have a desire to join one of the Arc7 projects above. We are reaching out to young people who have the flexibility to live life a whole new way. We offer them hope and a way to reach for global well-being rather than personal well-being apart from the larger whole of humanity.? We can all reach for both at the same time with the Arc7 plan to build Advanced Rescue Communities. Those who get involved in the early stages of this vision will be part of a think tank that plans, designs, builds, co-owns, and operates communities for the benefit of humanity. A portion of Arc7 will be designated as an orphanage that will gather children who are in great need around the world. Arc7 will not only offer medical/dental, food and water, but also shelter, clothing, education, training, and healing to produce a new generation of healthy children who do not carry the cycle of trauma with them.? Instead, they will contribute great things to the betterment of humanity.

1- Our courses are specifically formulated for people who dream of building Arc7 Arcologies.
2- The courses below are the on-boarding process for the 7 teams of Arc7.
3- Courses will prepare you to play a role in Arc7 projects that will improve quality of life for people in need nearby and around the world.
4- At the same time they will help you to ascend to highest well-being in your own life.

The top row of courses must be completed to gain access to the Arc7 projects in the subsequent rows.


Interrupting Global PTSD

Healing Toxic Masculinity

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Solving Global PTSD

Arc7 Rescue Communities

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Healing Global PTSD

Highest Well-Being

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Preventing Global PTSD

Developing Life Purpose

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Arc7 Think Tank

Finding Your Role

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Arc7 – The Game

Gamify Your Ascension

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Flash Mob Celebration

ABCs of Highest Well-Being

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Foster Well-Being

Relationship Support

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Whole Foods Kitchen

Sustainable Living

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Food for Well-Being

Worker-Owned Co-op

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Who Needs Arc7 Vision-Based Courses?

Anyone who is excited about the Arc7 vision!

Are you on this list?

  • Children 8 to 15
  • Young Adults 16 to 30
  • Parents
  • Seniors
  • Veterans
  • Disabled
  • Incarcerated
  • Business Owners
  • Apprentices
  • Healers
  • Educators
  • Influencers
  • Artists
  • Researchers
  • Inventors
  • Food Specialists
  • Environmentalists
  • Health Professionals
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Philanthropists

Not on the list?

Take our courses!
Find your niche!

Children 8 to 15 are welcome but parents might have to assist.? We try to make it fun by awarding points for doing lessons and watching videos.? Each child must have their own account using their own email address.? Our hope is to teach children a new global awareness early in life.? Kids are the future!? We need adults to get certified to teach these concepts online and in your local area.





Young adults 16 to 30 are welcome!? We empower young people to make good choices that develop their highest life purpose and their greatest achievement. We award them points for taking courses and watching videos.? We have created a game-like setting that comes into their real world. We hope to find a role for each young person to play on one of our 7 teams in real life once they are certified. Teens and young adults will help build Arc 7 nearby and around the world.



Parents are also welcome!? We want to empower parents, no matter who they are or where they come from.? We hope to even out the playing field by making the certification available for whoever is willing to do the lessons.? We believe that this certification will interrupt the cycle of domestic violence and child abuse by teaching compassion and by redirecting energies to amazingly positive projects.

Seniors are welcome!? There is a wealth of wisdom, experience, and knowledge seniors are able to offer Arc 7, and in return Arc 7 provides meaning and purpose for the latter years of life.

Veterans are welcome! We hope to empower every returning warrior with a new and very constructive way to make the world a better place.? We hope to restore your new lives with the honor you deserve.

Disabled people of all types are welcome!? We empower people of the entire spectrum of abilities.? If a person is able to take the online course, they are also able to do many jobs that would support the building of Arc 7.? We have no need to categorize people into the category of “disabled.” All we need to know about is your abilities and find a fulfilling purpose for them.

Incarcerated people can take the certification from where they are.? For some, Arc 7 may be the perfect way to reintegrate into society in a meaningful way, online first, then in person.

Healers and health practitioners are welcome!? We need all the healers we can get.? As we reach out to people in need, more often than not they will have health needs to attend to.? We welcome all healing modalities from Western to Eastern, natural and spiritual.

Educators are welcome! From the beginning to the end of the Arc 7 plan, each person will require education.? We will always need educators to learn the plan and then teach it to others.? Each member will have educational needs as well as life coaching needs as they develop their life purpose and find their place on an Arc 7 Team.

Influencers are welcome!? Do you have a youtube channel or a life coaching practice???There is always a need for influencers when taking people through a paradigm shift.? We will be asking our members, in many cases, to throw away everything they think they know and start over.? Creating new thinking patterns is never an easy process.? We need influencers to help the sacred human evolution along.

Conscious Business experts are welcome!? We value what you bring to the table in experience and expertise.? At your request, we will find ways to fully integrate your business into the Arc 7 plan whenever possible to do so.? Help us improve the livelihood of those who come to us.? By working together in our business incubator and launch team, we can help get ideas to market that would otherwise never get there.

Apprentices?are welcome!? We love people who are willing to learn from a mentor.? It’s a great way to learn a skill or a craft.? We hope to have many experts join us who have tricks and tips that they might be willing to pass on to the right apprentice.

Artists are welcome!? We encourage all types of art and artistry to be infused into the architecture, the interior design, and the lifestyle of Arc 7 members.? Artists have always led the way towards ascension.? We need your help now more than ever.? Musicians, performers, movie makers, designers, painters, sculptors, and all forms of art have the capacity to guide and uplift.

Researchers are welcome!? We support any research that supports the 7 elements of well-being.? We hope to support health and well-being studies for body, mind, and spirit.? We also want researchers to collect data on our own projects to see their impact on the members and the world.? This kind of data is valuable towards humanity’s ascension process.

Inventors and innovators are welcome!? We need cutting edge inventions for every aspect of the planning, designing and building of Arc 7.? We need free energy, water desalinization, sanitation, appliances, bioconversion, and anything else that support the Arc 7 lifestyle.

Food Specialists are welcome! From growing vegetables, raising animals, cooking meals, or producing food products, we need all the food specialists we can get.? We will be feeding hungry people as well as feeding the members of the Arc 7.? We want the Arc to produce more than enough to feed members, guests, and those we hope to serve.? If we have a surplus, we can ship to other arcologies or offer it to local food pantrys.

Donors are sincerely asked to participate in the certifications and consider living with us in an arcology of highest well-being.? Your donations make it possible to offer the course at no cost to those who would not be able to afford it.? To donate money, land, equipment, expertise, or labor, click on the “Donate” button in the main menu across the top of the page.

Get Certified!


Find your niche, your voice, your life purpose.


Benefits of Certification:

  • Certification gives you a new paradigm from which to view your life.
  • Empowers you to be part of something bigger than yourself.
  • Allows you to join the think tank.
  • Allows you to join one of the 7 teams.
  • Allows you to be part of the team projects.
  • Equips you to be an Arc 7 Consultant.

Sacred Human Evolution

“Sacred Human Evolution” means that our certifications will move large groups through the necessary paradigm shifts quickly and efficiently.

The seven dimensions of highest well-being are crucial for humans to evolve towards their highest levels of well-being, as individuals and as a whole.

Many programs focus on one dimension, but people in these programs will not be able to experience highest well-being and greatest achievement.

Co-creating a culture of high performance, happiness, engagement, cooperation, collaboration, and personal growth.



Get certified together.

Fast track your local hub.

Get started now!

Start the lessons below!

Develop Your Life Purpose

Accelerate Your Evolution

Online learning is key!

Would you like to to make extra income working with us as a Life Coach?
All you have to do is complete any of the Highest Well-Being Learning Opportunities online.

Each of the seven dimensions will prepare you to coach others towards well-being in that dimension.

In other words, we walk with you until you can walk with others.
We teach you until you are able to teach others. We believe in you until you can believe in others.
This is how we will shift the world towards highest well-being and create our own one percent!




Change the world!

You can make a difference.