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Digital Printing Machine Product ; Flexo Printing Press, Rotogravure Printing Press, Coil Rewinder / Doctoring Machine, Flexo Graphic Printing Press, Hot Stamping Foils, Rotogravure Cum Lamination Machine, Slitter Rewinder. Digital Printing Machine for Banner Coated paper, Folding Carton, Aluminum foil, Films and Self-adhesive Labels, Rubber, Glasses, Textile, etc.

Digital Printing SOLJET? XF-640 Roland

SOLJET XF-640 is one of Roland's most revolutionary large-format digital printers up to date. Since 1981, as world’s number one provider of wide-format inkjet printers for the durable graphics market. Production by Roland DGA Corporation which is the U.S.-based marketing, distribution and sales arm of Roland DG Corporation of Hamamatsu, Japan as a worldwide leader in the graphic arts, vehicle graphics, fine art, photography, UV, engraving and 3D modeling industries.

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Digital Screen Printing Machine Cam Shell

Cam Shell is semiautomatic printing machine released by manufactures and exporters of post press unit, pre - press unit and printing unit (Ultra Curing System Company) that located in India. Right now, their product available in the market of USA, Europe and Gulf Countries.

Digital Screen Printing Machine Cam Shell series is easy to set up and control for the user, but It will gives maximum stability at full production speed with top quality prints and with accuracy required for high quality screen printing machine.

The Cam Shell as semiautomatic printing machine is heavy duty and durable construction, Designed in conformation with international quality standards. The Printer Cam Shell has Squeegee head on solid steel shaft with linear bearing motion (IKO Japan) give accurate and vibration free squeegee movement.

These printing machine was designed for application media such as Flat surface printing on Ceramic Tiles/Transfers, Printed Circuit Boards, Textile Transfers, Paper, Stickers, Metal Labels, Membrane switch Printing, Commercial screen printing, etc.

There are three operating modes on printer Cam Shell; single cycle, auto cycle with dwell timer and Inching in setting mode (manual). This device use a pneumatic pressure system to equalize squeegee pressure along the squeegee rubber, So the user can make perfect print result & accurate repeatable ink deposit when operate the printing machine semiautomatic Cam Shell.

Screen printer Cam Shell has dimension ; 6.0’(L)x6.5’(D)x4.5’(H). These unit also provided with Light Table, Auto take off system and Castor wheel for easy mobility. The printing machine Cam Shell known as the most flexible range of trouble free flatbed screen printing machine.


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Printing Press Heidelberg KORD 64

One of big company that top in the sheetfed offset and flexographic printing sectors (Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG) has a single color printing press call as Heidelberg KORD 64. These model designed with dimensions : 219x145x143 cm and weight : 2650 kg, speed up to 6000 sheets/hour, 4 kW.

Printing press machine type Heidelberg KORD 64 released on 1961 - 1986, It's became popular in the Europe region to use these printer machine. Until now still many of them using these product to run their business (sheetfed offset).

Those peoples changing to use new Heidelberg printing press like Heidelberg SORKZ, Heidelberg SM series, Heidelberg Speed-Master series and Heidelberg GTO models, mostly they will sell their old machine. You will find use one or second hand of printer machine Heidelberg KORD 64 on the internet.

Specification of printing press machine Heidelberg KORD 64;
  • Standard conventional dampening system
  • Max image area on printer machine : 440x635mm
  • Plate size : 650x550 mm (0,15 -0,5 mm thickness)
  • Blanket size to be print : 677x525 mm
  • Color of printer's body : Grey and black models.

Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG is the world's leading solution provider for commercial and industrial customers in the print media (printing machine, spare part, ink and accessorize) industry which located in Heidelberg, Germany.

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Digital Printing Machine Kornit 932NDS

Digital Printing Machine Kornit 932NDS is a single-pallet DTG printer for the garments and textile industry with small and medium level business, which does not want to comprise the quality of the jobs performance for the customers, and maintain a high level of productivity.

Printer Kornit 932NDS was designed to meet the high quality, high-speed and low cost printing demands of the DTG market. These machine has an impressive rate of up to 70 light garments/hour and 30 dark garments/hour, with its 4 CMYK print heads and 2 white print heads.

The Printing Machine Kornit 932NDS provided special printing heads like Spectra Piezo Electric, 6 heads, 5 colors, 256 nozzles per head. Kornit 932NDS is a digital printer that able to handling a large variety of textile applications such as light & dark polyester, cotton, cotton-polyester blend, Lycra, Viscose, Silk, wool, Linen, denim, leather and more.

Features of Digital Printing Machine Kornit 932NDS:
  • Lowest Ink Cost, allow custom printers to effectively and efficiently reach optimum digital printing results at low production costs. Per garment is approximately $0.15 for CMYK prints and $1.00 for CMYK+White based on a 9”x11” design and includes all ink used for purging and cleaning processes.
  • Print head and pallet movement on printer machine Kornit 932NDS is faster and more accurate than systems using ball screws or belt drives.
  • Unprecedented high-quality images printed on dark & light garments
  • Kornit Inks are certified to the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 for digitally printed cotton and cotton/polyester fabrics in products with direct contact to skin.

Specification of Digital Printing Machine Kornit 932NDS:
  • Ink Type : Proprietary pigmented solvent and water-based ink.
  • Image Print Size and Data : Standard; 14" x 18". (35 x 45 c"m) on Bitmap, TIFF, EPS, PDF, JPEG and others.
  • Printing Machine Kornit 932NDS using an operating system; Windows XP
  • Interface system on printer machine Kornit 932NDS : Network, CD, USB
  • A digital Printing with resolution : Up to 630 DPI
  • Dimensions, Weight : 70" x 46.5" x 54.5", Approx. 1323 lbs.


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Digital Printing Machine Xerox iGen3

These is large size printer machine, of course it is for outdoor use. Digital printing machine Xerox iGen3 features full color image, using image resolution: 600 x 4800 dpi.

Printer Xerox iGen3 (series 110 and 90) is printing machine with Automated Color Quality Suite Press Matching System, ensures consistently accurate color image quality and increases uptime by using an inline spectrophotometer to automate calibration and color adjustments that were previously done manually.

The Xerox iGen3 110 digital printing machine with SmartSize Technology and its revolutionary 3rd generation imaging technology that will make your business an enormous edge through new services to your customers.

Xerox has customized the iGen3 press for a specialized application to meet the unique requirements within the folding cartons segment of the packaging market. The printing machine Xerox iGen3 110 can work at digital color printing of brochures, books, flyers, postcards, newsletters, catalogs, manuals, Point of Purchase materials, sell sheets and more such as media type :
  • Coated: gloss, matte, dull, silk
  • Uncoated, textured, specialty stocks
  • Recycled, perforated, tabs, transparencies, a wide variety of labels, synthetics
  • DocuCard, NeverTear, DuraPaper?
  • Mixed-stock jobs supported at rated speed
  • No drying time before coating

Printing Machine Xerox iGen3 drive by hardware/software platform; DocuSP/DocuTech workflow; Ethernet support; Adobe PostScript, PDF 1.5, PCL5, TIFF, FRF, Adobe Acrobat 6; colour management features; job and production management GUI; concurrent receive, RIP, print; Parallel RIP (scalable from 2-8 CPUs); VIPP, PPML, caching support for variable data printing.

The digital printer iGen3 has the strength and dimensions of a traditional printing press, with full of size 7210 x 1829 x 2438 mm (L x W x H); Weight: 3580 kg. The print engine using a digital color press Xerography.

By using The Xerox iGen3 printing machine allows the user to produce a wider variety of applications faster and with higher quality than others (almost 50 percent faster than competitive products).


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Digital Printing Machine Liyu PM3208

Large Format Solvent Printer Liyu PM3208 is digital printing machine made in China. These is kind of outdoor printer machine product of Guangzhou Su Xun Technology Co., Ltd. Using Piezo continuous drop on demand (DOD) technology, The Liyu PM3208 as Solvent Inkjet Printer with Print resolution:360X370DPI.

Leading in large equipment supplier for the printing system, the company have been in line of business for years and enjoy their high international prestige. We can see some of their product on the market such as; Konica printhead, Spectra, High resolution large format inkjet printer with Xaar, both indoor and outdoor printer, and kinds of printing's spare parts, as well as ink and printing media.

By digital printing machine Liyu PM3208 the owner can receive their orders with media type such as PVC banner,Vinyl,Coating Film,Mesh,Fabrics and Etc. These machine work at interface system like PCI High Speed Card, USB or RJ45(Optional) in the RIP Software Photoprint DXV. 5.0.

The Heating System on the jet printer machine Liyu PM3208 is work with method fitted cotton sheet before and after the heating system. Liyu PM series featurea Automatic Feeding System, not only easily to drive large weight, high viscosity roll media, true unattended auto-release fabric features, but also effectively avoid the process of sending cloth printing may occur in the length of bias and deviation problems. So that you can enlarge the apparent winner inkjet stitching.

Dimensions of printer Liyu PM3208; W4090mm×D550mm×H1210mm
Net Weight & Grow Weight; 310KG / 385KG


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Digital Printer Machine Mimaki JV5-160S

Mimaki JV5-160S printing machine is an amazing new solvent inkjet printer offering not only unsurpassed production capacity, unattended operation efficiency but also beautiful high quality images. With his full color, Digital printing machine Mimaki JV5-160S make a modern way to display your message and picture in the deep and dimensional graphics to became strong statement on the market.

The Mimaki JV5-160S and the 54 inch Version (the JV5-130S) are the next generation of Mimaki Printers, These new generation wide format solvent inkjet printers employ newly developed print heads. The new digital printing JV5 series provides an ultra-high print speed about 40m2/hr (430sq.ft/hr) with a great and high quality 540 x 1080 dpi mode made in Japan.

Digital printer machine Mimaki JV5-160S designed for short distance signage and photorealistic applications. With its variable sized dot technology, the Mimaki JV5 can produce perfect gradations and skin tones at up to 1440 dpi.

Printing machine Mimaki JV5-160S giving more power and quick delivery by using a newly developed print head with 4 times the speed of most solvent printers. Simply, With Mimaki JV5-160S and JV5-130S printer you will no longer lose business opportunities because of an inability to provide immediate deliveries.

These printer provided with Unterrupted Ink Supply System (UISS), make the Printing machine Mimaki JV5 series can utilize four cartridges per color in 4-color mode. When the ink cartridge runs out, another cartridge begins supplying ink and helps prevent running out of ink. The Digital Printer Mimaki JV5-160S is using exclusive solvent ink: ES3, HS, Eco-HS1.

The new digital printing JV5 series are equipped with 4 new automatic functions to improve operator efficiency, resulting in the highest quality and consistency of the printed work :
  • auto-laser nozzle-out detection
  • auto-adjusting head gap
  • auto-change double ink cartridges
  • auto-media-feeding compensation

Media feed, winder take-up and post-print heater in the printer machine Mimaki JV5-160S are supplied as standard (3 WAY intelligent heating system includes a-large-sized). The others function on the system are USB 2.0 interface enabling high speed data transmission, and Automatic take-up device that enables continuous running without operator.

Dimension of printer machine Mimaki JV5-160S; W3,120 x D1,050 x H1,540 mm. When you buy these machine you will get printer, rip software, rolls of dreamscape vinyl, starter ink sets, expert installation and training.


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Digital Printing Machine Infinity FY-3206S

Digital Printer Infinity FY-3206S is printing machine with drop on demand Piezo head, Seiko SPT510 nozzles made in Japan. These printer has Optical Fiber Data Interface
which work as utilized to obtain all-the-way shield for more speedy and safer data transmission.

The FY-3206S digital printing with his Automated Print-head Maintenance will help the owner to kept their printing machine (printheads) always clean, because the auto selfcleaning system, Anti-Clogging Flash and capping station working when the printer is idle.

Digital Printer Infiniti FY-3206S was designed delicately by using alloy-aluminum platform. On the printing machine FY-3206S, The function of skipping white space is added to increase productivity.

Digital Printing FY-3206S features an advanced ink supply system to ensures stable ink flow and smooth printing (low ink detector, auto or manual ink supply system) with Ink type "solvent ink".

With FY-3206S printer machine, the user can use them for various types of media like Frontlit, Backlit, Vinyl, Polyester, Window Film, Mesh, Leather, Backlit Film, Blue Back Paper.

These digital printing machine has compatible RIP Software with Photo-print, Ultra-print, Topaz, Wasatch, Caldera, Maintop. The Printer Infinity FY-3206S also Provided a Heating System such as Pre/Post Heater, Cooling Fan System.

Others specification of digital printing FY-3206S are :
  • Number of print head: 6 heads
  • Maximum printing width: 3,200mm (125.98")
  • Printing speed: 180 x 540dpi 3 pass: 50sqm/h, 240 x 540dpi 3pass: 43sqm/h, 240 x 720dpi 4pass: 32sqm/h, 360 x 540dpi 6pass: 22sqm/h, 360 x 720dpi 8pass: 16sqm/h
  • Ink color: cyan, magenta, yellow, black,light cyan, light magenta
  • Dimension & Weight of Printer FY-3206S; L4,440mm X W770mm X H1,280mm 430KG.

On the digital printing machine FY-3206S, The voltage of the print-head will automatically adjustable to the temperature to prevents blockage caused by the change of temperature.


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Digital Printing Machine (TeckPro S3200)

Teckwin Development Co., Ltd is a big company in Shanghai, China which developing in the manufactures and supports large and grand format UV and solvent inkjet printing systems, including TeckStorm, TeckSmart, TeckUV, TeckRouter, TeckPro, TeckStone. One of their product is digital printing machine TeckPro S3200.

The TeckPro S3200 is a digital printing that offering Resolution up to 540dpi. This machine has fitted with industry leading Spectra Nova head technology, That's meaning the TeckPro S3200 are proven with Solvent ink printing and provide troublefree and fast printing.

Digital printing machine from China mostly sell in the market with cheap prices than others product such as made in India, Japan, Germany and American company. The printing machine TeckPro S3200 can be purchased with CMYKLcLm or for faster output the CCMMYK option can be chosen.

The digital printing machine TeckPro S3200 features a unique LED system for simple alignment of materials when printing double-sided image's banners. The LEDs system cleverly illuminate from the back when you are lining up the second side to ensure your print ends up correctly aligned before using.

The printing machine TeckPro S3200 has provided an Automatic Print Head Maintenance System and Negative Pressure System for Automatic Continuous Ink Supply. With this machine, the user can use them for various types of media such as banner, vinyl, mesh, flexface, fabrics etc and all are expertly handled by the media control system.

Printing Speed of digital printing machine TeckPro S3200 :
  • 312 sqft/hr / 29m2/hr (8 pass);
  • 409 sqft/hr / 38m2/hr (6 pass);
  • 581 sqft/hr / 54m2/hr (4 pass);

Others specification or product description of digital printing machine TeckPro S3200 you can see on our list bellow :
  • Offers Both Roll to Roll and Multiple Roll Printing;
  • 6 Colors: C/M/Y/K/LC/LM;
  • 3.2m Maximum Print Width;
  • Platform System for Mesh Printing;
  • Built-in Bulk Ink Delivery System (2 Liters / Color) with Audible Low Ink Level Signal;
  • Complete Heating & Drying System:
  • Pre-heating, Post-heating, Auxiliary Heating and Cooling Fans;
  • Option: Heavy Duty Re-Winder and External Media Take-Up.
  • Dimensions (Assembled): 16.57' [L] x 2.43' [W] x 5.35' [H] (5.05mx0.74mx1.63m);

The standard media feed system on digital printing machine TeckPro S3200 can handle roll stock weighing up to 120kg and the stock retains a constant tension right through the printer until it is on the standard take-up roll.


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