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10 posts, 00:33 hrs
Thanks for this, in many of those places listed I would leash my dog out of common sense anyway (restaurants , public transport, markets and fairs ect) but other are plan silly. I especially find dog??
9 posts, 22:50 yesterday
After all your helpful advice, including helpful messages from easytodraw, I ended up purchasing a Cube Touring One for ?599 from my local dealer. So far I'm very pleased with it. The spec is amazing??
1 posts, 22:44 yesterday
Please suggest the best online German classes for beginnners.Would prefer to take in evening or Weekends only. Saw many advertisements of online classes like Expath.de and Berlin.schulz. Are they??
1,334 posts, 22:23 yesterday
Mike! If you read finance magazines in January of any year, you will see photos of and interviews with managers of this and that company, finance guys and gals, this and that prediction! Nicely??
10 posts, 20:56 yesterday
Elterngeld amount has limit of minimum 300 and maximum of around 1800 euro per month. The final amount is based on around60%(I am not sure of exact number) of the person's averaged net monthly income??
3 posts, 20:54 yesterday
I don´t think so. But I´m not a lawyer. No. Your landlord is only obligated to let you see them but not to copy them for you. There have been court rulings on that question. Also on how much a??
6 posts, 20:54 yesterday
Write in English parking spot looking advertisement and post it on notice board, with permission, in your apartment block. Additionally post similar search post in the notice board of the nearest??
138 posts, 20:08 yesterday
Guys you are totally missing the point. The Native Americans do not count, they are not real 'mericans. When they say that immigrants took over America they mean those pesky Mexican'ts who took their??
12 posts, 19:56 yesterday
Not defending him at all, but the Army is not really known for granting requests... Drill Sargent Sir, could you please send me to Key West? I am a beach kinda guy. Sure, Here is your camo??
5 posts, 18:47 yesterday
ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/... is seriously your best bet. Otherwise take out some space in your local newspaper, or put up notices in your local supermarket billboard. This is going to be more hassle??
59 posts, 18:27 yesterday
Just wanted to update the thread with my experience. I went to the Dr. Krüger at Ärztehaus am Harras ( augen-aha.de/... ) mentioned a couple times already in this thread. I didn't have any specific??
391 posts, 18:05 yesterday
So if you try to prevent them from taking over your party and have policies that racists will find attractive, but others as well then in your view he may be racist. But not in mine.
7 posts, 17:58 yesterday
Not really, I'm afraid. The Meldeamt won't do that if you don't provide them with an apostille AND a German translation of the divorce decree. They can't be bothered otherwise, have seen that??
5 posts, 16:28 yesterday
Thanks RFC, for the reply. Really appreciate it.. However, it will be me who will be travelling to Frankfurt over the weekend not her. Since my job is a bit flexible and I can work from home on??
6 posts, 14:35 yesterday
Hey @engelchen thanks again for your response. Well we'll think about it but really, as she doesn't have any work right now I kinda have to be working full time. Even if I have the maximum??
9 posts, 11:59 yesterday
I think you can pay with Yen in Prague, and Euro most other larger places. Stay on your guard, Prague is one of the worst place for pickpockets and tourist scams. Always order from a menu with??
11 posts, 11:30 yesterday
The distinction between BVG and DB seems an important one to keep in mind. Thanks. I don't think there's any protection against a ticket inspector having a bad day however...
67 posts, 09:47 yesterday
Presumably by looking for somewhere. For buying, if they don't have enough savings to purchase outright, then they need to speak to a bank or a building society. You'd be surprised at what??
6 posts, 06:44 yesterday
Hi there Samdann I would also like to find out more about this new law and what landlords are doing about it. - If anyone knows any forums - in german also - where there is good information/ideas??
264 posts, 23 June
Great to hear from you, rodisi?? I am happy for you that you have your family around you! Corona has knocked us off course. The plan is still to sell the house here, dump the office house etc- but??
5 posts, 23 June
Thank you so much for your input, it was very useful. I keep forgetting that the Heimat is leaving the EU anyway so I think I am barking up the wrong tree. I shall have to look at the alternatives,??
13 posts, 23 June
I only know St Blasien from a few hours visit when in the Schwarzwald quite a few years ago now. I still remember sitting in the empty Dom surrounded by that amazing white space and feeling a most??
3 posts, 23 June
Kurzarbeit is meant as a protection against having to lay off workers when there is insufficient work So if any of your colleagues are doing the job you would be doing if hired, it makes sense that??
1 posts, 23 June
This summer, Entity Theatre performs William Shakespeare??s romance The Tempest: a digital project.   July 9¨C12, 2020 Premiere: July 9 at 7pm CET   ?°We are such stuff / As dreams are made??
3 posts, 23 June
if not done already, get a google account, log in to your old phone with your google account and backup everything Login to your phone from the same google account, and restore everything??
7 posts, 23 June
Similarly the parking space can be rented out to someone else whilst you live there in the flat. In our last place that was our case since we didn't have a car, the space was informally rented out to??
1 posts, 23 June
Hey all,  With libraries being closed for non-students, I am looking for a quiet room/shared space (without many phone calls) for a few weeks/couple of months. Would love to hear from you if??
1 posts, 23 June
Hi everyone, I have a bit of a complicated situation and couldn??t find any info about it on the forums. I work in Germany with a blue card for 23 months. My wife started her own company here on??
186 posts, 23 June
A couple of times we had stuff (sent within Germany) diverted to another village entirely. Since we didn't have a car, we did not pick it upon principal. The whole purpose of the Packstation is to??
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Police raids target users of illegal online forum in Germany

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