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licemagic magin imageLice removal for Denver, Boulder, Louisville and Fort Collins. Do you need help with head lice removal?? Lice Magic provides in-home head lice removal services to the Denver Metro area, Boulder, Colorado Springs and surrounding areas! Lice Magic is locally owned and operated. See our about us page for more information on why it is so important to have a professional for lice removal.

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Head lice can cause frustration, time and money both in the loss of work and in products that don’t work.? Most families turn to?the internet seeking answers and become even more confused by all the contradicting information out there.

Head lice can be the stuff of crazy making and can turn your life upside down. Our professional technicians will help you determine what really needs to be done and what you can stop worrying about.

Lice Magic LLC is a mobile lice treatment and removal salon for lice and their eggs. We offer urgent care for adults and children to the entire State of Colorado. Here is a short list of just some of the cities our mobile lice clinic serves on a regular basis:

Below is a complete service area list that we offer lice removal and treatment for:
(For areas outside this list, give us a call @ 303-642-0749)

Should You Try Lice Removal and Treatment Yourself?

The discovery of a lice infestation can be overwhelming and frightening and, lice treatment options can be equally frightening, and confusing. You can find dozens of over-the-counter lice treatments for removal on the market that claim to be safe and effective but, consider this, many of these so-called “safe” products contain dangerous and banned chemicals such as lindane, pyrethroids, and malathion.

Why are these lice removal and treatment dangerous? Read on.

  • Lindane is a commonly used pesticide that has long been known to cause cancer, learning disabilities, epilepsy and fatality. Treating lice with lindane can result in brain damage and worse. Not only is lindane clearly dangerous and it has been labeled as an environmental pollutant by the government.
  • Pyrethroids are pesticides also and can cause muscle paralysis, pneumonia and respiratory failure. Even though this pesticide has been banned from food production, there is no guarantee that it can’t be found in a lice treatment.
  • Malathion is a nerve gas. Although it is effective and safer than lindane, it may be an asthma trigger and can affect the endocrine system, leading to infertility.

Thankfully, if you live in the state of Colorado, there is no need to take any of the risks listed above. Contact Lice Magic LLC at 303-642-0749 or 720-838-3369?to make arrangements for an all-natural, TRULY safe treatment for your lice problems. The specialists at Lice Magic LLC will come to you, in your home, and treat your whole family so that you can rest easy.

See what the CDC has to say about lice?removal and treatment.