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Parking employee put bar flier on windshields
Saturday,? August 30, 2008 3:21 AM
A Columbus parking-enforcement worker was caught last week leaving too much information on Downtown windshields.? Along with tickets for parking-meter violations, Joe Johnson was plastering cars with an advertisement for a local bar. "That's not what the city pays him to do," said Mary Carran Webster, assistant director of public service. After getting an anonymous tip, Johnson's supervisors staked out a N. 4th Street parking lot and watched as he handed out good news along with the bad to drivers parked on Young Street. "They were following him," said Brian Sturgill, a parking-lot attendant. "It was kind of funny watching them dart in and out of cars." Johnson, a 14-year city employee, didn't protest when confronted, Webster said. "He knows he did it, and he said he did it. He said he didn't know it was wrong." Johnson was caught on Aug. 22. He is back at his $19.39-an-hour job but faces a disciplinary hearing next month, Webster said. She didn't know whether Johnson was being paid to hand out advertising while he worked the meters. The flier featured a menu for the Main Bar, and he also left an Ohio State University football schedule with a real-estate agent's name and a phone number on it. A manager at the Main Bar, 16 W. Main St., said the tavern has a stack of fliers but doesn't pay anyone to hand them out. "We haven't hired anyone," said the man, who wouldn't give his name. But, come to think of it, he said, "There is a meter guy who comes in here sometimes. "Not when he's on duty."
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welcome, ian and kara
every time a journo?blogs, an angel gets its wings. and it's lovely to have new, virtual faces at theteet. and while i'm at it, sayonara, meryl! (and not the 'sayonara, sucker!' kind of sayonara.) you are extra sweet to me and i don't know why. we'll always have the blogosphere. in celebration of theteet's 30,000th visitor, (plus, i dunno, prolly?twice or half that many before we moved to wordpress)?i?think we should schedule a Theteet meet-up at the same time/place as a Columbus Underground meet-up, and then we can start a knife fight. any takers?
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alaskan ladyparts for the win.
i'm so glad they pulled something pretty and?desperate. it just won me $15. fyi, here is a list of the people i beat moments ago?in the Veepstakes pool: 1.) Danny Russell, a spokesman for Jesus and former TOP editor 2.) Dan Williamson, a spokesman for the mayor and also Most Awesomest Political Columnist in Ohio Ever 3.) Erik Johns, Master's degree student at Northwestern who is also learning Chinese just an fyi. maybe less experienced girls are the best, after all. i'm curious as to what jessm thinks of this. also, can you relay to us the truth about The Bridge to Nowhere? also, can you tell us what Palin has done in Alaska? are there roads there yet? a solid waste collection system? i heart she was a city council member,?Miss Teen USA Alaska or something and then she was elected governor in 2006. *shakes head* it was a ballsy move, and it made me stop thinking about All That Was Last Night's Speech, but i'm not sure anyone will bite after that. or will you?** ? **Edit: I'm just reading more about this woman. she seems pretty tough. plus, she had a kid with down syndrome like, 5 minutes ago. she's pretty crazy over drilling in the wildlife refuge, though. oh, forget it. they haven't got a chance in hell.
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when there's nothing left to burn
you've got to set yourself on fire.
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i am in love with barack obama.
he is sooooo dreamy. and his wife makes me cry. i'm not sure what's happening to me ... i'm just an ordinary person ... suddenly i want to do extraordinary things! i'm going to text barack now and tell him the good news?...
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fyi. hat tip to bloggingpaul.
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oooooooo, so <i>that's</i> how bad it can suck!
errrr ... i 'ran' a half marathon today. this one had much less fanfare and about as half as many tears. 'how'd you do?' someone might ask. well, i barfed in the porta pottie, i added 25 minutes to my time and i'm not going to tell you what i did in the field. the ranger will find it, i'm sure. i hope no one wants to steal my DNA. anyway, i had some issues in the morning, and they were compounded by the 90-degree heat.??and you'd think a park called 'Glacier Ridge' would include some cool, scenic, maybe even shady?areas, but you'd be wrong. the course was one big, hot field that you had to run back and forth through three times. the good thing about that is that i could take my shirt off and toss it on the ground, because i'd have three more opportunities to run by and pick it up! it became evident today that i train on a cushy, shady?bike path about a mile fom my house, and i'm rarely in the sun. this was tough on ye old psyche. but you want your training runs to suck hard, so, all-in-all, it was a good time. i literally thought i was going to die, which will make all runs in the future 100 percent better. i finished at 2:49. (that is a terrible time.) the hero of the day, however, is STEVE JOHNSON, MY FATHER, who ran an adjoining 5K and walked maybe 10 steps the whole trip. he shattered his old time of 34+ minutes, finishing just about the 30-minute mark. he rulz! after our race, father and i shared a meal at some steakhouse (or rather, we both ordered, stared and the food and packed it up for later when our tummies were ready) and he spoke of marking out a 5-mile course as "a next step." sucka's got the bug! way to go, pops. you're in trouble now.
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i should not be serious on the internet
i don't know if it's because the sun goes down a bit earlier than it used to, or if it's the blanket i use in the mornings,?or if it's how we talked about buying a light for the office. or?maybe?it was that rest stop, or maybe it all starts happening a little faster once you've put in a?solid quarter-century, but it feels a little like college tonight.?can you remember what that means? it's a little like a rooster chasing a bulldog. you're confident enough to run after it, but you're not quite sure what you'll do when you get there. you haven't thought it through. what i meant to say is that i went to bible study tonight. we spoke of how god requires time. like your boyfriend or your girlfriend requires time. only he's mostly invisible. which makes planning a little more difficult. and how at the end of the day, it's just you and him. there will be no one else standing around. there will be no one there to blame it on. we're not here to talk about how mean they were to you, he'll say. i want to talk about how you responded to me. awkward. and how jesus, who was pretty decent overall, was often seen scampering into the woods to pray. and how if he, who was pretty decent overall, went scampering into the woods to pray, then how arrogant is it of you -- who are not that decent, let's be honest -- how arrogant is it of you to think you can put your feet on the floor every morning without addressing him yourself? we all live and breath such arrogance. we're self-made. and then I think about what your life must be like, probably still getting up at 5 in the morning to pursue your pathetic little dreams. It just makes me sad. I mean, where are you really trying to get to anyway? And what are you doing in that limo?? Who the eff do you think you are? *throws giant Pepsi at limo* *runs away*
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five amazing things about jess meyer

in a few short weeks, my friend jess meyer?is leaving for macedonia to serve in the peace corps. she will be there for 2.25 years. that's, like, 2010, people. obama will be halfway through his first term as president.

that's. crazy town. In the meantime, she's going on a whirlwind tour of the US -- which includes: Oakland, Chicago, New York, LA, Boston?and, as of Saturday, Bangs, OH-IO. we didn't really have any sort of entertainment to provide jess other than ourselves, a?handful of chickens?and some chairs -- plus a really weird diner that offered huge servings of fountain soda for like 40 cents or something. still, it was comfortable. it was good conversation, and it was refreshing. for those of you who don't know Jessm, I've provided a top five list of things I love about her. it will help you get the gist:
  1. she's abandoning everything familiar -- land, food, air, water, conversation, culture --?so that she can do some good work in the world.
  2. afterellen.com
  3. she loves puzzles
  4. if you make a joke that's good enough, you'll earn a handshake from her. this is affirming in many ways. it basically gives me the confidence to go on.
  5. she has a keen eye for quirkiness, and can relate tales of her time in Alaska, or even watching the Olympicswith her sister, in a way that the best fiction writers could not achieve. but the stories are true, no matter how many times you call her a liar and shortly thereafter receive a postcard in the mail of a cat painted like charlie chapman.
what i'm saying is that is was super nice?to visit. and that i'm so very proud of you, and that i'm glad you'll have DSL in macedonia.
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i got a new laptop
[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8itj-rLhB3w] and seth said the webcam would be useless.
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Barns for Obama!
[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xVHGa6mia7Q&color1=11645361&color2=13619151&fs=1] I think I can recommend a good candidate .... [caption id="attachment_1064" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="instead of a tree branch, passers-by could gaze upon obama?"]instead of a tree branch, passers-by could gaze upon obama?[/caption]
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OMG. They DID cut out the gays.
Save your money. Run Chicago. or Abandon hope.
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My marathon spidey sense was tingling today, so i checked in on the columbusmarathon.com. Look what else I found! Courtesy of Dispatch.com, the best news ever (with commentary):
? The half marathoners, who used to break with marathoners in Bexley, will now stay with the marathoners until they, the half marathoners, break for the finish line on Nationwide Boulevard.
No confusing and potentially devastating splits in the road. plus, I won't get jealous when the half marathoners take that short-cut in Bexley (although this did great for my psyche last year when I thought I was running as fast as the 4-hour marathoners ...)
? The High Street portion of the race has been cut from 5 miles to 3?. To make up the distance, a few more turns have been added in the University District. These changes not only cut down on a stretch of headwind, they add fraternities and sororities to the course.
Although I'm nervous about the increased potential for being taken out by a stray cornhole bag, the High Street portion of the race ... of any race ... is grueling and hellish. Nothing says 'kill me now,' more than running up hill with the sun in your eyes sucking in COTA bus exhaust fumes. Now there will only be 3 miles of that.
? Perhaps the most potentially beneficial change: Grandview has been added to the course, and it will be more downhill than uphill.
I don't care if we have to run in Whitehall as long as we're running downhill. ALERT: I sort of looks like the race course cuts out part of the Olde Towne East portion, where the GLBT community fills the entire neighborhood with rainbow flags, bubbles, costumes and dancing. Looks like miles 8-9 will be on Bryden Road, but. Here's to hoping they didn't chop the most enthusiastic marathon supporters from the race ... I got so excited for this that I signed up today. Why don't you join me? Your heart will grow four sizes to large, and it will only need to pump once a minute, or so i hear. I'm going now to try out my new breathable birthday running gear!
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happy birthday, me!
[caption id="attachment_1053" align="alignright" width="300" caption="this is me on journalism"]this is me on journalism[/caption] it's not even 9 a.m., and already i had someone try to -- what?! are you tattling on me?! -- I've been called slimy and accused (twice) of taking quotes out of context! it's a good day. this morning, on the way to work, seth said, prophetically, "well, who do you think will hate us today?" which is funny, because i read on Columbus Underground that writers are the only people who think they never have to take responsibility for their work. in fact, it seems to be quite the opposite -- almost like everything we produce is scrutinized by hundreds (thousands?) of people, and unless we print the full discussion word-for-word, we are "taking things out of context," which seems to be the new buzzword meaning "oh, crap. well, that doesn't look very good at all." Doesn't "taken out of context" mean that a reporter used words that would have a different meaning if they were surrounded by other words?! If you say "I really need to learn how to be fluent in Spanish," what sort of context would absolve your acknowledgment that you are not fluent in Spanish?! ugh!?!!!!K!K!K!KP@KE WHY IS PEOPLE SO DUMB. Ok. Thank you. I feel much better. in his defense, seth is being unhorsed by a nationally syndicated columnist. i'm just personally berated by a bunch of * *EDIT: Rant censored. For the children.
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1 girl 2 cups
fyi, i had some serious gastrointestinal issues all weekend. if you're freaked out by that sentence, please stop reading immediately. go wash you hands and forget you ever knew me. because after two years, the scars have healed and i'm in the mood to share a tragic tale. because i don't think i ever told you about the time (briefly mentioned here) i had some weird stomach thing and had to poo in a jar. that's a story -- if you can stomach it -- worth sharing on the internet. so, i had this stomach virus, and after two weeks of consuming nothing but crackers (and not being so successful getting those through the door, so to speak) some weird family doctor in Clintonville sent me home with a couple of jars. my directive? to collect a sample. but these were no ordinary jars. these were huge jars. and i had to fill one of them to a certain line. kinda like some horrifying Double Dare challenge -- only the stakes were much, much higher. to this day, I have never met a mortal ordered to accomplish such a task. even maybel the bulldog is spared such demoralizing demands when i take her to the vet's office. she only has to fill a small baggie with with stuff. i met a girl once who had to collect a swab, but never a jar. a jar. so, to make a long story short, the first round was pitiful. i hadn't eaten in years, and i didn't even make it to the 20 percent line. if i remember correctly, the stuff couldn't exactly sit around very long. i had to run it over to the lab when i was ready, and it was an all-or-nothing sort of situation. you can't deliver 20 percent of the goods. so now what? exactly. and if you're wondering what a girl does with a jar she couldn't fill, i'll refer you to the story of Original Sin. you see, when adam and eve ate the fruit from the Tree of Life, shame quickly became the foundation of the human condition. at first, after becoming frighteningly aware of their own nakedness, they sewed some fig leaves together in a meager attempt to cover themselves. then, when the couple heard the sound of the lord as he was walking in the garden in the cool of the day, they hid from him. they hid behind some trees. and at that moment in time, i, too, knew the raw power of nakedness and shame. so i hid. the jar, that is. i hid the jar in a closet, for fear that my husband would find out my doctor's orders. at the time, i couldn't bring myself to tell him what i had to do. even after two years of marriage, i didn't want to talk about the -- what's another euphemism? -- situation. so i sealed the jar in the bright orange biohazard baggie, and i put it in a place that maybe even god wouldn't know about. i vowed to throw it away in the cover of darkness. the next day, my second attempt was more fruitful, if you will, and after i had done my part, my diagnosis was handed down by Doc Demoralizer. turns out i had "stomach bug" or something equally as vague, and i was told to stay away from crackers (THE BUGS FEED ON THE CRACKERS) and i ate a couple greasy cheeseburgers and was cured in a few short days. true story. in my elated state of mind -- i'm a girl who loves to eat, mind you, and i had been able to for the first time in weeks -- i forgot about the terrible thing i had done in a moment of weakness. i discovered the Jar of Shame when we moved a few months later. i managed to slip the biohazard bag into the trash without anyone noticing. on earth, at least. everyone knows you can't hide your shit from jesus. (there is a deeply meaningful religious parable in there. i can feel it.)
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best. mail. day. ever.
i received Easily the World's Most Amazing T-shirt in the mail today. there is only one person i know with hands tiny enough to pull it off. my only regret is that i'll probably have to take it off eventually to wash it. i'll get you back, my pretty. and your little hands, too. also in the mail today, i received two birthday cards and cash cash monies (plus a stellar raccoon-inspired poem from my aunt) as well as an invitation to my cuzin's weddin' and another invite to my cousin's 16th--gasp--birthday. i clearly remember pushing this little guy around the fayette county fair in a stroller. and he's driving now?! he was born in 1992. i am an old freaking woman.
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Running tip No. 4,567: Avoid Fire Thighs.
So, i'm pretty sure we've already addressed the fact that if you run anything more than, say, 6 miles, men and women alike may experience a burning sensation between the legs. and not the good kind you get from marriage. [caption id="attachment_1043" align="alignleft" width="135" caption="there are no substitutes."]there are no substitutes.[/caption] this is because running causes the legs to move back and forth several hundred times per hour. eventually, your own skin becomes abrasive toward itself, wearing painful holes in your upper leg area. this is where the miracle product Body Glide comes in to play (hat tip to jenny wray for this recommendation.) however, while i was far away from home earlier this evening after running, say, 6 miles, i realized that i had forgotten to apply the product to my inner thighs. crap. but hey! i've got my lip gloss in my pocket! i'll just smear that on there! it cures chapped skin! i'll just slather it on -- problem solved! except i forgot that the lip balm had menthol in it. ha! needless to say, the burning sensation did not go away. the last 4 miles or so were painful, but i was motivated to make it home a little quicker than i would otherwise.
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you know of whom i speak
Dear Readers:
thank you for contacting us with your concern over theteet's recent surge of inane message board contributions over?the world wide web.
we hear your complaint and?we value your opinions.
we have put theteet on paid administrative paid while we address the situation internally.
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Secrets! Finally! Revealed!
Living Update:
  • I have officially lived in Bangs for one month longer than I ever lived in Columbus. It feels like home here. I want to sell rhubarb in the farmer's market. The divide between work and home grows wide.
  • The people who live and work Downtown told me that my lifestyle will become unsustainable. So how long have I got, Doc? No word on my prognosis.
Religion Update:
  • We have found a community.
  • We are finally in a position to welcome any new faces at church, which is much better than being the awkward noobs. Mary has finally stopped asking if we go to Kenyon College, and we have officially been bumped to 'the kids who have been coming' status.
  • If you ever want to slice your wrists in a warm bath, Ecclesiastes is the way to go.
  • 18 Then I realized that it is good and proper for a man to eat and drink, and to find satisfaction in his toilsome labor under the sun during the few days of life God has given him—for this is his lot. 19 Moreover, when God gives any man wealth and possessions, and enables him to enjoy them, to accept his lot and be happy in his work—this is a gift of God. 20 He seldom reflects on the days of his life, because God keeps him occupied with gladness of heart.
Running Update:
  • Long runs can last up to 2 hours. At times, this goal of 26 miles seems arbitrary. Discipline SUX.
Johnson Update:
  • When I last spoke with my sister, she went on for 45 minutes about how happy her life has become. It's about dern time.
  • Free Brown's tickets and a rented party bus. It will be the cold, November night the six of us will never forget--seven if you count Peyton Manning.
Marriage Update:
  • Beginning Thursday, I will have been married as long as I went to college. This blows my mind in many ways.
  • Seth will be home until the 18th, meaning that he will be with me on my birthday. Seventeen stars all around.
  • Let's talk about Aug. 18-23.
Colleen Update:
  • Apparently, she's with us again.
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he said/she said
Special "email from my much more successful husband" Edition: he said: Just got off the phone with the Wall Street Journal...The WSJ as I like to call them...Seems they like my Amish photos and want to publish them in an upcoming issue. So, yeah, no big deal. I'd be lying if I said this call wasn't expected. Well, gotta run. What do you think I do? Sit around typing emails to nobodies all day?
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Special Guest Column Vol. II:

As if you needed proof that the world?lives and breathes?theteet.com, we're getting emails from promising young writers who would kill to have their byline grace our pages:

[caption id="attachment_1025" align="alignright" width="266" caption="freelance intern for theteet.com"]freelance intern for theteet.com[/caption] ? ?

Something for Theteet.com


I've been going through my extensive catalog of George Carlin materials since his death, and I came across this gem, which I think would make a perfect entry on yer little site:

?Are we so much better than chickens? When did that happen? Name six ways we're better than chickens. See? No one can do it. You know why? Because chickens are decent people.

?You don't see chickens hanging around in drug gangs, do you? No. You don't see chickens strappin' someone to a chair and hookin' up their nuts to a car battery. And when's the last time you heard about a chicken who came home from work and beat the shit out of his hen? Huh? It doesn't happen. You know why? Because chickens are decent people.

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