Tax savings for the self-employed

We help our clients save an average of $15,232* every year
and stop worrying about the bookkeeping and tax side of running their business

We help our clients save an average of $15,232* in taxes every year
and stop worrying about the bookkeeping and tax side of running their business

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Here at Hyke we’re kind of obsessed with S Corps. Why? Because the way you organize your business makes a big difference on how much you pay in taxes. And for some self-employed businesses, forming an S Corp could lead to big tax savings.? ?

But, most people don’t take advantage of the benefits of S Corps because the right setup takes time and money - forming an entity, creating a business bank account, setting up payroll, organizing your books and more.? Using technology, real bookkeepers and tax advisors, Hyke makes setting up and running your S Corp simple and affordable.
Calculate your potential tax savings
Answer a couple of questions about yourself and your business to calculate your potential tax savings.
Talk to a Hyke Advisor
Talk to a tax advisor to evaluate your business, make sure a Hyke membership is right for you and get answers to all your questions before you join.
Organize your S Corp
Easily organize your S Corp with our online wizard. We'll help you get an EIN, business license and open a business bank account.? If you have any questions an advisor will be there to help you.
Meet your finance team
Meet your bookkeeper and tax advisor who will help you set up your payroll, bookkeeping tools and file your business and personal tax returns. They're available year round to answer your questions and give you tax advice that maximizes your potential tax savings.
Four quarterly check-ups
Your finance team will do a deep dive with you four times a year to help you close your books and evaluate your finances. They’ll advise you on how much to pay yourself, calculate your quarterly taxes and help you stay on track with your tax payments to potentially avoid a huge tax bill at the end of the year.
Get personalized tax advice & peace of mind
With a dedicated finance team and tools built for your success, you’ll run your business confidently knowing that our tax advisors have your back, no matter what happens in your business.
Maggie O'Brien - Hyke review
— I wouldn't have gotten my company up & running so fast if it weren't for Hyke, and I mean that. Now I can jump in and do what I do, without worrying. I am at a higher level thanks to Hyke. It's great to feel and be so legit, and my clients see this too!
Maggie O'Brien
Founder & CEO, Vibe Digital Marketing


$199 $249/month

(limited time offering)

Hyke is tax deductible and pays for itself within months.
Everything you need in one place, for one affordable monthly price.


Everything you need in one place to get your
S Corp up and running

1:1 call with a tax advisor
Filing a single-member LLC in your state
Operating Agreement
Tax ID number (EIN)
Free business bank account
S Corp election
Unlimited support

Taxes & maintenance

Your own tax advisor to file taxes, plus tools to manage your money stress-free

Your own tax advisor
Annual tax return & year-round tax advice
Owner paycheck calculator
Payroll via Gusto ($45/m value)
Quickbooks online ($40/m value)
Registered Agent fees
Unlimited support
Arjun Arora - Hyke review
— Thanks to the great people & technology behind Hyke, I don't have to worry about bookkeeping, taxes and other government related tasks and can focus 100% on my work. If you're a freelancer and need help with legal, tax, bookkeeping and ongoing support, all-in-one place, you'd love Hyke!
Arjun D. Arora
Strategy, Venture, Technology

Who we are

We're a group of former freelancers and serial entrepreneurs from San Francisco, who believe that every self-employed founder should enjoy the same tax savings as big companies do.?
We’re building Hyke with exceptional people who specialize in helping solopreneurs. ?We’re backed by top investors who've financed and built iconic companies like Uber, Snapchat, Stripe, Udemy, Lyft, Instacart and more.
Hooman Radfar

Hooman Radfar

Founder &?CEO

Hooman is a serial entrepreneur and the founder and CEO at Hyke. He previously started AddThis (Oracle), was a founding partner at Expa and is an early investor in Uber, Sweetgreen, Convoy and?more.

Ugur Kaner

Ugur Kaner

Founder &?CPO

Ugur is a product designer and the founder and?CPO at Hyke. He's been self-employed for more than a decade. He's worked with Udemy, Google, Angry Birds, Nokia and more.

Ugur Kaner

Bugra Akcay

Founder &?CTO

Bugra is a software developer and the founder and CTO at Hyke. He likes to play with 0s and 1s. Fun fact: In his free time, Bugra built one of the largest ERP systems in food production.

Greg Dalli

Greg Dalli

Head of Operations

Greg is Head of Operations at Hyke and a huge data nerd who likes solving problems. He previously was the VP of Operations at KeepTruckin and Operational Strategist at AdRoll.

Bethany Swartwood

Bethany Swartwood

Head of Client Services

Bethany is the Head of Client Services at Hyke. She’s on a mission to provide freelancers with the same level of security and comfort as employees.

Andrew Carroll

Andrew Carroll

Head?of Accounting

Andrew is a CPA, certified PFS, CGMA and the Head of Accounting at Hyke. He’s been helping self-employed business owners with their business, taxes and financial lives for over 10 years.

Raquel Deodanes

Raquel Deodanes

Accounting Manager

Raquel is an Accounting Manager at Hyke. As a CPA, advanced QBO?ProAdvisor and a former tax credit consultant for California Franchise Tax Board, she loves to help self-employed grow their business.

Andrew Vaquerano

Andrew Vaquerano

Sr. Tax Advisor

Andrew is an EA and Sr. Tax Advisor at Hyke. After six years of service in public accounting, he's thrilled to utilize technology to help freelancers succeed in their business.

Joy Carroll

Daniel Talbott

Tax Advisor

Daniel is a Tax Advisor at Hyke. Having spent a decade as a solopreneur, he's specialized in helping freelancers save money through proper formation and financial management.

Prentiss Johnson

Prentiss Johnson

Boookkeeping Advisor

Prentiss is a Bookkeeping Advisor at Hyke. He left college with dual degrees and has been working as an accountant for non-profits, the Navy and companies with hundreds of employees.

Lillian Wang

Lillian Wang

Product Manager

Lillian is a Product Manager at Hyke. Previously, she worked at MoneyLion and Morgan Stanley in New York and recently moved back to California to help freelancers master their finances.

Jip Van der Velde

Jip Van Der Velde

Product Designer

Jip is a Product Designer at Hyke. Previously he worked at Apple, Lugg and He finished his first freelance design project back in 2009, at the age of 17.

Jacob Frediani

Jacob Frediani

Product Operations Manager

Jacob is a Product Operations Manager at Hyke. He’s originally from the Bay Area and a huge sports fan (mainly the 49ers and the Sharks). Most recently he worked in Sales Operations at Snowflake.

Joe Rezendes

Joe Rezendes

Software Engineer

Joe is a Software Engineer at Hyke. Before becoming a software engineer he worked as a freelance digital marketer. His previous software engineering positions were at LeanTaaS and Zuora.

Matt Jones

Matt Jones

Software Engineer

Matt is a Senior Software Engineer at Hyke. Previously he worked at Narvar and Indeed. He moved to the Bay Area in 2018 from Austin, TX. He enjoys running, playing soccer, and complaining about the injuries he collects from the two.

Jenna Van Hout - Hyke review
— Hyke helped me setup my business, gives me professional support & answers my questions about taxes. Tasks that I'd consider annoying to do myself are now automated & easy.
Jenna Van Hout
Freelance Visual Designer


What's Hyke?

Hyke is an online, back-office platform for the self-employed. We help you set up your payroll, bookkeeping, banking and more. Combining technology with real accounting professionals, we help solopreneurs take advantage of the tax benefits associated with S Corps.

How does Hyke help with tax savings?

Our team of tax advisors are here to help you get the most out of your S Corp. Every quarter we look at your financial information and identify where you could potentially save money on taxes. Our quarterly file reviews ensure that your bookkeeping is up to date and that your personalized tax advice is based on real, accurate numbers.

How much does Hyke cost?

Instead of charging you an expensive set up fee, we make Hyke affordable with bite-sized monthly payments. You get everything you need to start and run your business and take advantage of potential tax savings for just $199/month. Since our members save an average of $15,233* in taxes every year, Hyke pays for itself in just a few months. Plus it’s 100% tax-deductible - how great is that?

What's included in the price?

The monthly price includes filing a single-member LLC and S Corp tax election, getting your EIN and opening a free business bank account. You also get your very own bookkeeper and tax advisor, who will file your personal and business taxes and give you year-round tax advice.

All Hyke plans include Gusto ($45/m value) and QuickBooks Online Essentials ($40/m value).

What's not included in the price?

The price doesn’t include third-party fees (such as fees and taxes charged by your city, state or the federal government), business license filing fees and other license fees, which vary by city. While bookkeeping tools setup, training, quarterly reviews and year-round support are included in the price, bookkeeping is not included.

Why is Hyke invitation-only?

Even though we'd love to help everyone, our goal is to assist those who’d benefit the most from Hyke. Full-time freelancers, like designers, developers, writers, videographers, coaches and consultants who make over $80,000/year, find the most value in Hyke. The majority of our users come from referrals, so if you know someone we should talk to, let us know.

* Based on average estimated tax savings of active Hyke users ($10,604) and potential savings declared by Intuit Quickbooks TY17 US subscribers that have identified >$10,000 in income and >$0 in business expenses ($4,628)