Plant of the Month : "Stinging Nettle" w/ Aaron Parker of Edgewood Nursery

Stinging Nettle

In this episode of the Solecast “plant of the month” series we will be talking about Stinging Nettle. While hated by many, Nettles are highly valuable to those that can appreciate their many positive attributes.  Stinging Nettle is an herbaceous perennial that is found all over the world.  They have been used throughout history as a medicine, a food source, for fiber, cordage and ceremonies.  We talk about how they grow, how to propagate them, how to cook with the leaves and some of their other uses.  For some nettle photos checkout the Edgewood Nursery instagram.

This episode is sponsored by Edgewood Nursery, producing unusual edible plants in a regenerative permaculture system in so called Falmouth, Maine. Check out our online storefront and use the code "SOLECAST" at checkout for 10% off your order. While Nettle plants are not available at the time we release this episode, they are available any time the ground isn't frozen at the nursery and can be found at this page.


Outro Music “Like Weeds” by Yacht Communism (cover of His Hero Is Gone)

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Solecast w/ Cindy Milstein : Confronting the Despair of the 21st Century

Cindy Milstein Deciding For Ourselves

For the season 2 premiere of the solecast i sit down with Cindy Milstein to talk about some recent themes they’ve been putting out through various talks and writings over the past year.  Cindy talks about the resurgence of Jewish anarchist organizing in the states and its relation to the upswing of anti-Semitism we have seen in the past few years.  We explore the themes of a panel Cindy did with Aaron Lakoff and Sharmeen Khan at the Montreal Anarchist Bookfair in 2019 entitled “From Another World Is Possible to the Possible End of the World.”  We talk about the despair of these times and how to think about building a foundation in which cultures of resistance can thrive.  Cindy addresses the machismo within radical circles, under representation of marginalized voices within the anarchist podcast world, and the importance of care/mutual aid.  We also address the concept of revolution and scale and why various forms of infrastructure are key to sustaining revolutionary movements.  Cindy also puts a call-out for collaborators for a potential audiozine/podcast project.


Consider attending The Institute For Advanced Troublemaking this summer in Worcester, MA. Cindy helps to organize it. Apply here.

Be on the look-out for Cindy’s forthcoming anthology on AK Press Deciding For Ourselves  (The Promise Of Direct Democracy)  and check out our preview interview about Rebellious Mourning.

Other texts discussed in this episode:Skin In The Game: How Anti-Semitism Animates White Nationalism
The Anarchy of Colored Girls Assembled In A Riotous Manner
Antifascism Beyond Machismo



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Solecast: Introduction to Arduino & Rasberry PI w/ Otem Rellik

Otem Rellik

Here's a different kind of podcast about how to build DIY electronics with my good friend Otem Rellik. Otem Rellik is a rapper, producer and self taught builder of incredible electronics based out of Denver. In this podcast we'll talk about the basic concepts of building DIY electronics using Arduino, Rasberry PI, MobmuPlat and Pure Data. Check him out on instagram, youtube and bandcamp

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Solecast: A Conversation About Desert w/ Alfredo of Occupied Southwest Distro


This is a good conversation to have at the end of a strange year. For this episode I am joined by Alfredo of Occupied Southwest Distro to have a wide ranging conversation picking up on the themes in the book Desert. Desert is an anonymously written book which offers a sober assessment of our current material conditions and urges us to toss out-dated thinking aside. In light of the challenges and time tables put on us by climate change what are the revolutionary prospects? What does it mean to be an anarchist or revolutionary in the anthropocene? The book offers a number of ways to analyze the situation and our practices, we talk about how its informed our thinking as long term organizers and informed our current efforts.

You can read/download Desert for free here.

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New Series!!! Plant Of The Month Podcast w/ Aaron Parker. Our First Plant: Turkish Rocket


Psyched to unveil “Plant of the Month…” A new podcast series w/ Aaron Parker of Edgewood Nursery focusing on perennial vegetables / unusual plants. For our first episode we’re gonna talk about Bunias Orientalis aka Turkish Rocket. Turkish Rocket is a perennial vegetable often used in forest gardens that produces small edible broccoli raab like flower buds and arugula/cabbage tasting leaves. Aaron sells viable seeds here.

We also discuss Actinidia polygama aka “Silvervine Kiwi” which can also be purchased direct from Edgewood Nursery here.

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Today on the Solecast I'm interview Televangel formerly of Blue Sky Black Death.  Televangel is a beatmaker/composer from Oakland currently residing in Portland, Oregon.  Unlike most artists I bring on the Solecast to talk about their work and their politics, Televangel does it with his instrumental music, not vocals.

 In this interview we discuss the origins of his project and the general concept behind it.  We also talk about the themes he explores in his work; drone warfare, the anthrocene, crisis & mutual aid.  He also discusses his path to radical politics and how the internet can be a critical tool for political education.    

Televangel's new album Emergency Hearts is available on bandcamp and spotify.

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Report Back From Abolish Ice Actions In Denver w/ James Rotten of Denver Communists

abolish ice denver communists

In this episode of the solecast i sit down with my homey James Rotten of Denver Communists. In this conversation we are mostly discussing “Confront La Migra” and the organizing that lead to a 200+ Abolish Ice house demo at the home of the warden of the Aurora Ice Concentration Camp. We talk about some strategic and controversial/experimental decisions that were made, that lead to this escalation in tactics and a successful action. We also discuss the media backlash, navigating liberalism and turning right wing attempts to spread misinformation into fodder for movement building.

James is someone I worked with and hung out with a lot in Denver so this conversation is a nice mix of shit talk and analysis of the complex organizing dynamics in that area. We also talk about the dissolution of the Denver ISO and the national organization in general. James is someone whose approach to mass organizing has always inspired me and I’m happy to share his thoughts here . Long live (so called) Denver and all the comrades fighting back against ICE!

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SOLECAST: W/ STEPHEN POLK On Food Justice, Permaculture, and Global Urban Strategy


Today on The Solecast I speak with activist, author and asst professor at Naropa University, Stephen Polk.   In this conversation we'll discuss his contribution to the book Globalism and Localization: Emergent Solutions to Ecological and Social Crises.  Stephen talks about global warming and the need for permaculturists to inform the large scale changes that will need to be made in cities to mitigate its effects.  Stephen wants people to think hard about what "power" means, "how do we get it, how do we exercise it, what do we do with it?  He also writes about the need for all permaculture designs to consider the political domain to their work, to always ensure front-line communities maintain access to food and the city, to design in ways that don't aid gentrification. He also talks about his anti gentrification work, his involvement in the Queen City Housing Coop and the possibilities of using Neighborhood Associations to influence outcomes.   We cover a lot of ground in this interview and a number of other topics connected to these issues.

This is a provocative interview and very timely, pick up the book Globalism and Localization: Emergent Solutions to Ecological and Social Crises. here.

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W/ Eamon Farrelly on The Radical People Podcast


In this Solecast I sit down with Eamon from the Radical People Podcast.  The Radical People Podcast does in depth interviews about direct action campaigns and the individuals behind them.   He gets deep into the life stories of people and what brings them to radical politics, and radical action.  His interviews range from fighters in Rojava, water & land defense, international abortion providers at sea and much more.  We talk about his work, his personal story and political evolution and his current life as an anarcho-podcaster, living that farm life.  

You can subscribe to his podcast here, support him on patreon and follow him on twitter.

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w/ DJ Pain 1 on No God Nor Country

sole and dj pain 1

A talk between myself and DJ Pain 1 about our new album that we are crowdsourcing for called No God Nor Country. In this conversation we talk about our creative process, some of the things we’ve learned from our travels; the best of times and the worst of times. We talk about food, advice for people trying to be self sufficient and what’s been on in our lives ately. Much of the talk is about the motivations, inspirations and approaches we took to creating this new album. In this episode we preview 2 new songs, one is an unreleased track that didn’t make the cut called “Everything Must Go” and the other is “Extremist.” To help us get it out, pre-order it now via kickstarter.

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Food Autonomy w/ Evan Doukas: How To Build A Climate Battery Greenhouse


In today’s episode i will be doing an in-depth “how to” episode with my homey Evan Doukas from Colorado.  Evan is a preacher, a permaculturist, a father, a musician and also publishes homesteading/permaculture videos through his youtube channel, The Colorado Garden.  In this episode Evan breaks down how to build a “Climate Battery Greenhouse” step-by-step.  A climate battery greenhouse uses the heat from the earth to grow fruits and veggies from tropical & Mediterranean regions in temperate climates.  For more information check out Evan’s youtube page documenting his work with his.  For more background info on these check out this prior Solecast with Stephanie Syson from Colorado Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute.  

Evan was kind enough to pass on his notes that he used to source for specific materials and data for building his greenhouse. We’ll include them here so you can check them out, and hopefully they will be of use to you as well:

My greenhouse is approx 14'x11'x9'

=1386 ft3 (cu ft)

Using the formulas given by Sunny John, i estimated that I needed approx 225 linear ft of subterranean tubing.

So, take 15-20 percent of the cu ft number, and that is how many feet of tubing you ideally want underground.

*Note, all tubing lengths used should be equal in length to ensure an even amount of airflow..

In my greenhouse there is an approximate total of (only) 120 linear ft of tubing.

The tubing is in 3 flat rows of 4 10-ft lengths that are spaced approximately 12 inches apart on all sides.

In regards to air movement, you want to move a minimum of 128 cubic feet per minute (CFM) with my 1386 ft3 greenhouse.      

So, take approx. 10 percent (or a little less) of the cu ft number, and that is the CFM fan you want to use.

The fan I used is an (8”) corded in-line air duct booster fan by Suncourt with a Suncourt variable speed controller ($45) ($30)

I used 8” galvanized ductwork ($50)

For plenums I used taped buckets, but I did it again for a similar room I would use 55-gallon plastic drums on either end. (free to $150)

2 Thermostats (1 for low temperature threshold and 1 for high temperature threshold), used something like: “JOHNSON CONTROLS

Line Volt Mechanical Tstat for Heating and Cooling, 120 to 277VAC” (cheaper then but now $210 for 2)

Roofing top layer: Used 9 Sequentia Super 600 Residential Fiberglass Panels ($325)

For underground tubing: 4” corrugated and perforated ADS pipe ($150 for 200 linear ft)

*Drain sleeve optional – did not use

(WHOLE GREENHOUSE WAS BUILT FOR APPROX $875 + Lumber = No more than $2K total)


Subterranean heating items:

8” (x 60”) duct -

And a 24” for a little added height if needed -

8” elbow/end -

8” inline fan -

Variable speed controller for fan -

ADS Pipe (Lowe’s cheapest – 100ft):

ADS connectors:

Snap-in ends to screen?: SHOULDN’T NEED

Drain sleeve (100ft):SHOULDN’T NEED

Possible solutions for thermostat: (call them)

Sunny John recommends this (don’t know how it works):

Steel 55 gallon drums (Lafayette - $10 ea):

and *****

Mathematics of layout:

Approx 225 linear ft of tubing

Approx 128 minimum CFM fan

Excellent greenhouses

A great example showing a clever design with reflective panels concentrating the winter sunlight into an above ground pond to heat the greenhouse at night.

and more from the same manuf., as well as solar “central air” system:

CO supplier of Lexan and acrylic

Underground greenhouse and heating

The good heavy duty corrugated fiberglass panels are Super 600. and others

Solar cooling and heating system, everything needed $3,450:

Corrugated (Perforated) irrigation tube

Christmas lights (i.e. 25 Bulb C9 Incandescent Transparent Light Set – Clear)

Tubular heaters? Find out wattage

Lean to recycled greenhouse with outline of process:

Subterranean Heating:



Overhead plans

Calculated that 112 cfm or a little over 100 cfm is needed. Verify again before purchasing fan but here is link for appropriately powered fans:


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"No God Nor Country" Album Announcent & Kickstarter Pre-order

Pre-order here.

No God Nor Country
is Sole and DJ Pain 1’s third album.  Its a record about carving out a meaningful life of joy and resistance in uncertain and oppressive times.  Since their last album, sole had a kid, bought a farmhouse in Maine, and Pain 1 also bought a house, as his career as an educator, producer and music mentor continues to accelerate.  Over the last few years, the pair has recorded dozens of songs, thrown away all the songs that weren’t poignant or musically solid enough and kept the best songs, the songs that speak to most to the current state of affairs.   

 This record is a major step forward for their song writing, production and overall aesthetic, and while the record has strong anti-authoritarian themes it also explores existential questions: what it means to be a parent, the emptiness of fame and careers, what resistance means amid everyday life. Although the album title is an expression of atheism and anarchism, the album is more of a testament to fighting for liberation and fulfillment while living in uncertain times. 

The precarity of the music business is a major theme of this album and albums past, and fittingly, all of Sole and Pain 1's albums have been DIY releases without investors, large labels or PR machines behind them.  Both musicians handle the heavy lifting and deliver the music directly to the listeners, without whom these albums would literally not exist. 

Do you want to help get this album out?  An act as simple as a pre-order can cover the manufacturing costs, the creation of the record, the production of videos, the mixing and mastering and publicity.  If they exceed the initial pre-order goals it will give this record-- their strongest, most timely and possibly most important album yet-- the fighting chance it needs to reach more listeners in a world of noise.    

Back it on kickstarter here.

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2019 Montreal Anarchist Bookfair Panel w/ From Embers, Solecast, Intersection'elle & The Rebel Beat

Montreal Anarchist Bookfair Podcast Panel

This episode of the Solecast is a re-air from Podcast panel at the 2019 Montreal Anarchist Bookfair.  This panel was hosted by Mugs and its participants were From Embers, Rebel Beat / Changing On The Fly, Intersection’elle, and myself.  We discussed anarchist podcasts in general, their role in the movement, Channel Zero, and the sort of feedback we have gotten from our projects.  The conversation took some interesting philosophical turns as we talked about privacy, identity and alienation, among other subjects.  We also got some great questions from people in the audience about prison abolition, starting a new podcast and how to handle the feedback and permission of interviewees.   Much love to the Montreal Anarchist Bookfair for inviting us in for this awesome discussion and for its amazing work keeping this vital infrastructure going for 20 years! 

From Embers
Rebel Beat / Changing On The Fly

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Food Autonomy: Around The World in 80 Plants w/ Stephen Barstow


This episode of the Solecast I sit down with Stephen Barstow, aka The Extreme Salad Man to talk about his work documenting and popularizing rare edible plants. We are also joined by Aaron Parker from Edgewood Nursery who introduced me to Stephen's work and also grows and sells a lot of these plants.

In this conversation we talk about his book "Around the World In 80 Plants," his website and his lifelong quest to research, catalogue, grow and experiment with thousands of rare edible plants from around the world. We get into his origin story as a vegetarian in meat-centric Norway uncovering the growing potentials in his region through foraging. He talks about his travels around the world learning about how these plants are grown, used and then bringing those plants home to cultivate. For anyone who is bored with growing the same old shit, or interested in permaculture/forest farming his work is inspiring, informative and coverers a much wider range of vegetables then are commonly discussed in permaculture and market farming.

Pick up his book "Around The World In 80 Plants" direct from Stephen and check out his website

My guest co-host for this interview, Aaron from Edgewood Nursery sells a lot of the plants and seeds for the perennial plants that Stephen promotes, check out his website at

Stephen Barstow Around The World in 80 Plants
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Solecast w/ Lee Reed: Rapping & Organizing Against The Apocalypse

lee reed.jpg

In this episode of the Solecast I speak with Lee Reed. We talk about his new album “Before & Aftermath” out now on Strange Famous records and his previous album “Steal City” EP which was a benefit for the Hamilton Tenants Union. Lee is one of the longest working rappers in Canada and has a unique and often aggressive rapping style consisting of anti-capitalist prose, well researched topical concept songs shining light on the excesses of capital and people fighting back over updated boom bap style beats. This is a fun conversation between two rapper homies, we talk about everything from economic collapse, Canadian Politics, why some Canadian rappers have the strangest names and much much more.

He is about to embark on his first European tour w/ Kay The Aquanot, if you’re on that side of the pond check them out.

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Food Autonomy: Will Bonsall on Vegan Homesteading & Radical Self Reliance


In this episode of the solecast i speak with Will Bonsall about his book “Will Bonsall’s Essential Guide To Radical Self Reliance” and discuss ideas on vegan homesteading and “sustainability.”  Will is a pioneer of “veganic” farming which is very similar to permaculture farming practices but without animals and focusing mostly on staple crops.  We talk about some of his favorite companion planting pairs for growing things like carrots, broccoli, cabbage, onions, beans etc.  We also talk about the Scatterseed Project which is dedicated to preserving heirloom seeds and promoting them.   We also chat a bit about his fantasy novel, Through The Eyes Of A Stranger that imagine a more ecological society, and how that informs his approach to life(and vice versa). This is a great interview for anyone interested in farming, living off the land and self reliance.  If you are vegan/vegetarian and you’ve been hearing your whole life that when capitalism ends you’ll have to eat deer, Will’s work is proof that another way is possible.  

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Solecast w/ Phil Neel on Hinterland: America's New Geography of Class and Conflict

Phil Neel Hinterland

In this episode of the solecast I speak with Phil Neel. Phil is the author of Hinterland, a new book out on University of Chicago Press that examines what class conflict looks like as we zoom outward from the financial hubs and downtowns to the rural, suburban and exurban communities. In this conversation we talk about how logistics function on a global scale as capital has become diffuse and what this says about the way our system functions. Phil talks about places like Ferguson and Anaheim as examples, and gives context as to why things break down in these locations and what it means for the present & future. We talk about climate disaster, the nuances of so called “Trump Country”, and the importance of analyzing data instead of projecting our own ideas onto situations. We end the conversation with some take-aways from the book and how it can inform our thinking (and our actions).

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Solecast w/ Ceschi on Sad Fat Luck

Ceschi Sad Fat Luck Fake Four

In this episode of the Solecast I speak with my longtime friend Ceschi.  I really can’t say enough good things about this guy, when my career was in the dumps his label had my back and brought me back from the dead…  He has gone on to make some of my favorite music to come out of the indy rap scene and is a one of a kind performer blending rap, punk and folks into a unique and compelling package.  In 2019 he is releasing a trilogy of records and then ending the “ceschi” monicker, so like our coastal island cities and marginal desert eco systems… catch it before its gone!  

In this conversation we cover a lot of ground.  We talk about his roots in the bay area, his motivations, his relationship to revolutionary politics and why he does what he does.  We discuss how his experience in prison has made him a more empathetic person and he gets into his criticisms of the left, the right and these sick modern times.  We talk about race, indie hip hop, Marxism, his label Fake Four and so much more.  We close the interview with some live performances from his forthcoming projects. 

his new record Sad Fad Luck is available at

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