Dish On Dining
How Are Milwaukee’s Restaurants Weathering the Pandemic?
Milwaukee hasn't seen mass restaurant closures yet, but that could change in the coming months.
By Rich Rovito
Why I Love Milwaukee: A Bump for Milwaukee’s Volleyball Community
"There is so much talent here."
By Adam Rogan
News & Politics
What Does ‘Defund the Police’ Mean in Milwaukee?
The Milwaukee Common Council proposed a 10% cut from the Milwaukee Police Department's budget, but that's just the beginning, according to protesters.
By Marla Hiller
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Feature Story
This Ambitious Plan to Clean Milwaukee’s Rivers Could Make Them Swimmable
The next stage in the revival of Milwaukee’s rivers aims much higher than being a nice setting for a lunch date or an afternoon of paddling.
By Kari Lydersen
Feature Story
Some Call Him the “The Bunker Guy,” But Who Is Geoffrey Graff Really?
The reports cast Geoffrey Graff as “the bunker guy,” a crazy, gun-toting isolationist, who dug an underground home in a backwater of the city. The reality is more complicated.
By Daniel Simmons
Feature Story
These Are the Top Doctors in the Milwaukee Area
When choosing a doctor, it's always good to start with a recommendation. Here are 800-plus who get the nod from their peers.
By Milwaukee Magazine Staff
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