Op Art

After 40 years, I have finally returned to doing Op Art. I have my art posted on DeviantArt, an artists' social networking site. The link to my account is http://carchesium.deviantart.com/ I won't repost them here, because it's simply too much work and I hate doing any job twice.

I've spent a lot of time browsing the thousands of pictures posted there, looking for other Op Art. There are a surprising number of them there, but most are one-off pictures done as art class assignments. However, there are people there who do it simply for the love of it.

Initially, I searched on black and white criteria (along with op art, illusion, optical and any other keywords I could think of). Several coloured pictures showed up and they intrigued me, so I started searching specifically for coloured Op Art.

One person had several variations on a theme with bold colours that grabbed my attention. We communicated for a bit and then decided to try a collaboration. I sent Christa one of my drawings, expecting one or two variations on the fire theme we had discussed. She pleasantly surprised me with seven variations in the first two days.

Because they were all based on the same background, I pulled them together as an animated GIF file, posted here for your viewing pleasure below.

Christa's colourizing


...and the Boswells led to this (sort of)

Check them out at Google Video - lots more there. Not the same, but you'll like them.