New Milestone
  1. ? I Sold My First SaaS For Mid Five Figures
    Yesterday I sold Influence Grid! I started it in December and bootstrapped to $3500 MRR. Can’t say the exact amount
  2. First paying self-serve customer! ?
    Just 1 week after posting a milestone saying I'm stepping back from self-serve before finding PMF, I landed my first paying self-serve customer! It's
  3. First paying customer
    awesome it works! I made a 50% early bird discount for the first customers and received the first annual paying subscriber. It also showed some effici
  4. First promo video
    Had a stab at creating my first ever promotional video. It was fun to make but so time consuming. I learned a lot and it can only get better from here
  5. 100+ Chrome extension users
    Today I checked the Chrome Web Store and realized that the Pikaso's browser extension has been downloaded and installed by 106 us