6 Tools for Properly Exposing Your Videos

While raw still image files can offer you a ton of latitude in post, but shooting raw with video is rarely an option. This is one of the reasons it is crucial to get your exposure as close to correct as possible in camera when shooting video, and this great video will show you six tools to help you get it just right.

Panasonic Announces LUMIX G100 Micro Four Thirds Vlogging Camera With Advanced Feature Set

Panasonic’s mission was to create a Micro Four Thirds camera that would have a compact design, have the ability of easily connecting to smartphones and tablets to drop media files and start editing, and feature a robust set of creative tools to elevate photo taking and video productions at all levels. From these goals, the LUMIX G100 was born. The new camera, which will be known as the LUMIX G110 outside of North America, is aimed at hobbyists and vloggers in both key features and price, but it still comes with a few new technologies and specs never seen on any LUMIX camera before it.

Opening Up During COVID-19: Fstoppers Interviews Ken Yu

Ken Yu is a photo assistant and digital technician who has been on countless sets, so when states slowly started to reopen for business amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, he became concerned about how the photographers could move forward safely. When he reached out to me to have a discussion about reopening practices, I said yes, because the waters are murky and it's a discussion worth having.

10 Tips for Better Photos With Horses

Horses make for fantastic additions to a photo, whether you are taking pictures of a beloved companion or using them for a fashion shoot. However, I often see photographers treat horses like an afterthought in a photo, when they could make them look so much better with a little knowledge and practice. Here are 10 tips to improve your work with horses.

How to Come up With New Ideas

Have you ever felt stuck with no creative idea inspiring you to create something? Even if it's in your bedroom or living room or while browsing the net, this video shows you how to save ideas and use them as reference for new concepts and to even show clients.