Friday, November 29, 2013

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and enjoyed the day off. Now it's time to get ready for the big game Saturday. Clemson vs Carolina of course. Any one want to comment?

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Why A Propane Gas Bottle Barbecue Works Better Than The Rest

The smell of chops and sausages sizzling on the grill, the sounds of beer cans popping, the noise of children jumping in and out of the paddling pool...summer is here. There is no doubt that bbqs are a big part of the summer and most households enjoy one every now and again. What many people don't realise however is that their overall enjoyment of bbqs could increase ten fold if they simply traded in their cumbersome, charcoaled fired beast and purchased a sleek and elegantly designed gas fired alternative. When you mention gas bbqs, often people will say “it's just not the same.” They are right, it isn't the same. There is no mess, no smoke, no 2 hour wait as it heats up, no chargrilled meat that stays raw on the side, no burnt chicken drumsticks, no difficult clean up....and on and on.

There is no doubt about it, gas bbqs are simply superior to the traditional variety. They offer the same sizzling sounds and the same bbq taste but additionally they provide an easier platform on which to cook and a simpler and less messy overall experience. Lighting a gas bbq takes just moments and it doesn't need refilling with charcoal. Turning off the bbq is easy too. There is no choice but to simply wait when dealing with a charcoal or wood bbq, and in this respect you can find yourself held hostage by the hot ashes. They don't smoke either which can often pose a problem with bbqs, especially if you are having it in a small outdoor space or garden. You can enjoy a gas bbq on nothing larger than a balcony. Try doing that with a charcoal variety and see how far you get! Gas fired grills are easy to clean too so you don't have to cook on top of last years burnt remains that are stuck like superglue to the grill.

Gas bbqs are portable. Although they come in different sizes, the smaller ones can easily be loaded into the back of the car and taken on Camping trips, on days out or to the beach for fun in the sun. Stationary bbqs don't offer this same flexibility which really lets them down. There are “throw away” varieties available that can be taken away with you, but not only are they small, they cannot be refilled so once they are cold they will cook no more, and they are difficult to dispose of easily too. Gas bbqs are particularly perfect for Camping trips because they provide the family a fun and cost effective way to feed the family each night. Eating out is fun too but this can become extremely costly especially if there are many mouths to feed.

Cooking using a gas fueled grill makes the actual cooking much easier and therefore more enjoyable. Charcoal or wood fired bbqs have to heat up, and if the cooking temperature is judged incorrectly then the food gets burnt or if it is left too long so the heat dies down and the window of opportunity is gone. There are many pitfalls for cooking in this way and those who switch to a gas variety never look back and report of hugely successful cook outs, time and time again.

Because a gas barbecue simply needs connecting to a gas bottle, they are really easy to maintain and use. Whether it is a propane gas bottle or natural gas alternative, it simply needs clipping into place and igniting for instant cooking. If you love barbecues but find them hard work and on the temperamental side then look into a gas variety. They provide all the same benefits of a traditional bbq without any of the down sides.

Kathryn Dawson writes articles for Flogas, a LPG supplier retailing gas barbecue grills and accessories such as the gas bottle which can be delivered together with your bbq. Flogas also offer a heavier propane gas bottle suitable for generators, caravans and more.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Fishing Vacation 101

Universally, the term “gone fishing” is associated with vacations. In that case planning a fishing vacation should be nothing more then a natural choice. Fishing combines sport, relaxation, communing with nature and free food and hence qualifies as the perfect vacation. From a weekend trip to the closest lake front Camping ground to an adventurous and long packaged tour to the best fishing locales of the world, one has plenty of choices that could be made.

While planning a long fishing vacation, there are a couple of obvious choices to be made. First one being what type of fishing is most appealing. The most basic breakdown here is a choice between freshwater and saltwater fishing.

Fishing vacations come in various sizes and forms. They can be started with loading your car with fishing rods and sleeping bags or calling a travel agent or professional fishng guide.

These trips can be taken all the year round. Although the first thought is generally to catch the bass biting at the very onset of spring or the blues running in autumn. Trips can be made absolutely anytime of the year, even in the dead of the winter, just in case he angler has no aversions to cutting holes in the ice.

A properly planned vacation can be fun for all, irrespective of whether you are a novice or a very serious sportsman. The only essential purchase required is the fishing license, rest all can be rented. Rods and reels, boats and crews, which can even cater lunch, can be rented out.

It can be a way for families to spend time together while simultaneously enjoying the outdoors. Although the idea of skewering worms onto hooks may sound gross yet the vacation can be fun for the entire family. Fishing is a leisurely pastime and you don’t have to excel at it to enjoy, and a total beginner might be just as good or even more than a seasoned pro.

Just because you are vegetarian, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun while fishing. One may use catch and release techniques for the fun of the sport.

While as said earlier, their can be several ways of going for fishing, however packaged tours certainly has some advantages. Best part here being that all the essentials are included right in the price. One need not carry all the equipment around, and thus the trip becomes more fun. Along with the trip, the vacationer also gets the expertise of the trip provider. Thus one need not hunt around for the best ‘fishing hole’ and thus the chances of returning empty handed are considerably reduced. Also at fairly reasonable prices one may also get lunch included in the package deal.

Toughest decision to be made while planning a trip is, where to go. Think globally as ther are plenty of scenic fishing spots which are a real treat for anyone interested. British Columbia in Canada boasts of beautiful wilderness and streams filled with great number of fishes of an ample of species.

There are also the less exotic but easier on the pocket destination which can be good value for money. Prices for accommodations may range from 100$ to 300$. One may also like to make it a learning experience, by opting for a Fishing School package. It generally includes hands-on and personal tutoring regarding the ins and outs of fishing. All the equipment is provided by the school. Prices may be around 300$ per session , travel expenses excluded.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

How a Hitch Cargo Carrier Allows You To Pack More Stuff

With all the problems of flying I'm sure that tons of people as of now, are choosing to drive to their location rather than fly. Seriously come on; complete body scans? patdowns? X-rays that can see through clothes? Jeepers creepers it's a miracle anyone is able to get on a plane at all anyways.

Adding to the nightmare of going through checkpoints there is the huge cost of checking a bag onto a airplane. This means that tons of people aren't going to carry enough things to be satisfied when they leave. Can you even think of the cost of checking Tents, backpacks, coolers, heaters and all the other stuff we campers bring? The complete idea of Camping is being outdoors and being affordable.

Now what are we to do? I'm pretty sure you will in short order find out about hitch cargo carriers. Hitch cargo carriers are life savers! Whether you have a SUV or a littler car you will be able to use a hitch cargo carrier. This document is here to help you find what to look for.

Just say you don't have a hitch on your vehicle. (quite a number of Sports vehicles these days come with hitches). If you don't have a hitch you will want to find the local auto parts installation place and tell them you would like one installed. The cost of getting this done will be less than a flight with 3 checked bags I PROMISE!

You've gotten the hitch on your vehicle and your ready to look at buying a hitch cargo carrier. Now what you have to do is seek the weight limit of your hitch. That will be available in the owners pamphlet of the hitch or the vehicle if the hitch was installed by the manufacturer. It usually is around 400 pounds.

Once you have the high end weight limit you know what to start looking for. Now what you need to think of is the overall purpose of the hitch cargo carrier. Is it only for Camping? Will it be used the whole year? Identify the reason you need the hitch cargo carrier.

If you dont want to be taking it off all the time I suggest you look at some that fold. If your going to use it just for long trips then I would suggest you select a hitch cargo carrier with a fixed bed. Do you need a ramp? If your bringing a cycle or scooter you may need a ramp. If the answer is no then you likely don't need a ramp.

Lastly how much stuff will you be packing on the carrier? Find out how much the carrier allows and match it to suit your needs. Don't fear, the quality of the carriers these days is unmatched. The low end carrier and the high end carrier both offer you a nice solution to take extra stuff on that trip.

In summary: travel is harder now then ever before due to security at the airport. Tons of fun can be had on the road and you can bring along as much stuff as you want

Monday, September 2, 2013

How to Fly Fish; Fly Fishing Small Still Waters

Fly fishing small still waters can be hard for even the best of anglers. But with these top three tips fly fishing new places can be much easier.

Tip One:

Select the right equipment. (Always use the lightest gear possible when fishing)

Some anglers make the mistake of fishing with too heavy a rod, reel, line or flies. Using the right equipment is very important.

So how can having something like the wrong line effect your fishing? Simple lets stick to my example of a line for the moment. Fly line as you know is different to normal fishing line. So if your fishing a small still water then a light line would be better suited. Using a lighter line when paired with the right rod and reel allows you to present the fly easier with less chance of spooking a fish.

Since it's a small still water chances are you wont need to cast great distances so this is another reason to use light equipment. Always use the lighest gear possible when fishing. The lighter the gear the greater the ease to fish with out spooking the fish. And once again chances are since it's a small water the fish have seen nearly every kind of fly, line and god knows what else was used to try catch them.

Tip Two:

Move around.

One mistake I see an awful lot is when an angler fishes a spot too long and some times all day. Every 20 minuets or so move a few feet and fish some where else.

First cover the water from left to right and start with short casts. After completing a movement of casting left to right start again with a longer cast. Also vary the depth your fishing the fly and the speed you are retrieving it. Then, move.

Start the same technique as above and when finished move again. The only time I would recommend not moving is when your catching fish constantly in the one area.

Tip Three:

Get some local knowledge!

Knowledge is everything. Try talk to some local anglers or even just stop into the local fishing tackle shop. Ask questions like the depth of the water, the flies that work well and anything else you want to know. Information on the water your fishing is one of the best ways to catch fish.

Knowing the water you are fishing is important. Locals will tell you what flies work well or where the best spot to fish is.

If you don't get to talk to some local anglers then before you fish take a few minuets to just walk around the area your going to fish. Take note of over hanging vegetation, underwater features if you can see them and most of all signs of fish.

Hopefully these few little tips may help improve your fishing. Tight lines!


For more top tips on fly fishing go to

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Fishing Charter Advertising on the Internet

Frequently I hear from fishing charter captains they are stopping their print advertising because the results for the price are hard to justify compared to their internet results. In the past, print advertising was really all that was available to a Captain. Now the internet has become part of most peoples lives and the prices to advertise much less than print advertising. So let's talk about where you should consider advertising so those clients find you.

Get your site listed with Google, AOL, MSN, Yahoo and all the search engines you can. This will require you work with your web person to submit it. Also in order to get a good position in Google and the others you will need to get links to your site and have good search keywords in your site. This is where your web person can help you make this happen. The judge of your success on this is where on the list your site appears when a person searches on your main keyword. Your main keyword is what describes your business the best. If you are a fishing charter in Key West your best keyword is "Key West Fishing Charters". Check your success on at least 6 or 8 search engines to see where your site is on the list (and do this each month to see how it changes). If you are number 355 you can't expect to get many visits to your site. Ultimately you want to be on the first page or two of your main search keyword depending on how much competition you have.

Get in the fishing directories. Typically the best place for clients to find a fishing charter are fishing site directories. These sites have lists of fishing charters and fishing guides by state and location. This is very important and one of the best places to have your listing. The price on this listing can range from a free listing to featured listings that cost money. Don't be shy. The more the better. Just be careful with your advertising budget on this. Pick out the top 3 or 4 sites you want to pay for and get listed with those. Then get a free listing with every other site you can. To find these directories just search for "fishing charter directory" or "fishing charters" in or another search engine and you should locate most of the top directories. The best directory sites have listings by location (i.e. Key West, San Diego, etc.). If the site lists all the fishing charters in Florida your listing is one of a whole bunch. But if they list your site under Florida/Titusville area then you are one of not as many and the clients have a much easier time finding the charters they are looking for in the area they plan to visit. Whenever you pick a site to list with, take the time to look at it... make sure this is a simple useful site for your clients to find you.

Using Google adwords might be worthwhile. These are pay by the click advertising you can do with Google. You see these on the right side of the Google Search page. How affective your ads will be can vary greatly depending on the keywords. If you select "Destin Fishing Charters" then there are a lot of other ads out there and even if you pay $1.00 a click (which is very expensive for clicks) then you may still not see too many visitors from that ad. Take your best shot at this and pick one to ten ads and start with around a .21 cent click and see how that does. If needed to get a good position increase your click amount but do so carefully. You can spend a lot of money on this so make sure it is giving you the results you need. Use keywords that will get you 'quality' clicks and not just a lot of curiosity shoppers who never book. A keyword such as "Key West Fishing Charters" may work well for you because those persons are looking specifically for fishing charters in your area. However, "Key West" will give you more clicks because it is more generic but those clicks are lower quality because they aren't specific.

Doing cross promotions are always a great way to advertise on the internet. The price is right. I will put your banner on my site and you put mine on yours for no charge. This method is great for both sides. You can also pay sites to list yours. Depending on the site and traffic they receive it may be worth it. Some larger sites will charge hundreds of dollars per month for a banner and some you can get for just a few dollars a month. Pick your sites well. Good fishing site banner advertising will typically get you the best quality visitors that are really looking. So you know also, the search engines like to see different banners and links which makes your site do better in the keywords. The best ad is a banner with your link shown below it. However, your link shown should be "fishing charters" which when clicked goes to your site. This is a relavent link and tells Google that the link has to do with fishing charters.

Those are some of the basics of internet advertising. Like everything else it can be simple and cheap up to extremely expensive and complex. Remember to try to compare your results to see where your spending money and if it is making the return. Your web person can help here. There are systems you can use that will tell you how someone got to your site (via Google search, BlueSportFishing directory listing, banner you had on the local tackle shop site, etc.). Obviously anytime you speak to a client ask them how they found out about you and ask them if they have seen your website. While a word of mouth might get the client directed to you, it might have been your site that really created the call. Get feedback on your site from your clients and your web person.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Fuel Sources For Your Portable Camp Stove - Alternative Fuels

Even though propane stoves are fairly inexpensive, you may still want to have a stove that does not rely on fuel sources that must be carried along. As an example, you may want to have a portable camp stove that makes use of solar power. While you may have difficulty locating this type of stove, there are some other options.

Across time, humans have built all kinds of camp fires from wood, grass, and animal dung. On the other hand, there are a number of benefits that come with having a dedicated stove to cook meals on. If you are interested in a camp stove that makes use of grass or wood, you may also need some tools that will help you cut the materials to the proper size and shape.

In some cases, you may decide that it will be best to build your own stove. As an example, if you want a stove that will make use of sunlight, you will find all kinds of innovate ways to build it. This may even include making the stove out of cardboard, as well as other lightweight materials. While a solar cooker may not work on cloudy days, it may still reduce the amount of fuel that you will need to carry or find for a more conventional heating appliance.

If you have a long way to travel, you may also conclude that solar cooking will not work well for you. Unfortunately, it can take several hours for your food to cook using solar power. That said, if you are going to stay in a localized area, you should be able to enjoy preparing foods without having to gather fuel or spend money on it.

As you may be aware, there are a number of methods emerging to create electricity from motion. Without a question, once you have a source of electricity, you should be able to find some way to convert it to heat for cooking. You may even find that exploring this question will yield an invention that many other people will want to try out for themselves.

During the process of looking at alternative fuels for your portable camp stove, you will need to consider the limits and advantages of each option. In some cases, you will find that time and weather conditions will inhibit your ability to take advantages of specific fuel types.

That said, as you look at all the options available, you may spot a new idea or emerging technology that can meet your goals better than you might initially expect.

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