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Modern Direct Vent Fireplaces for Contemporary Designs

Today's gas fireplaces make a stylish, modern design statement while providing a safe and efficient option for supplemental heat. This course explores the benefits of direct vent, electronic ignition gas fireplaces over other fuel and venting options, with a focus on the innovative features and design possibilities offered by frameless fireplaces suitable for any residential or commercial space. The benefits of a frameless fireplace design, cool wall technology, a heat control system, and integration of the modern fireplace into a home automation system are discussed, and occupant safety features such as double glass heat safety barriers are explained. Prerequisites: No Course Level: Introductory

Creating Productive, Connected Outdoor Spaces with Access to Permanent Power

Electrical systems that deliver access to permanent power and enable device connectivity are critical components of the design and operation of high-performance buildings. Today’s mobile technology means people can connect and move freely between the indoors and outdoors, and integrate their social and work lives, anytime, anywhere. This course examines permanent outdoor power delivery offerings, including charging stations and in-ground power boxes, that support the growing demand for connectivity and data and audiovisual communications in outdoor spaces, and help to create an outdoor environment that promotes longer stays, stimulates creativity, and increases productivity.

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