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The Open Cave Mouth (Martyn's Home Page)
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Gavin's Game: Mehli and Kyosuke

Use of Information: Color Coding

These pages represent the home of the Imperial FarSpace Service operation in the Foreven sector.  Many of these resources are also available to Imperial citizens, and to residents of Foreven.  Some of the information, however, is available only to a limited subset of travellers.  Color coding is used as follows:
RED background indicates REFEREE ONLY pages.  They are not intended for player access, or for casual browsing.  On occasion an individual player may have been told by their referee they have access to specific items; that is the only exception.  Links to such pages are on a red background.
ORANGE background indicates LIMITED ACCESS pages.  They should only be accessed by players whose characters would have this knowledge, e.g. have purchased it in the context of the game, or where their character has specific knowledge of the information.  Links to such pages are on an orange background.
LIGHT BLUE background indicates acess only to IMPERIAL FARSPACE SERVICE members.  Links to such pages are on a light blue background.
ANY OTHER background indicates GENERAL AVAILABILITY.  Any traveller would normally have access to this information.

Note that limitation of access is through self-restraint.  There is no protection built into this site.  Please respect the intent of these limitations.


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