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Best Ways To Improve Website’s Alexa Rank

1. Claim Or Submit Site On Alexa First submit your site and verify at This is the best way to improve your ranking, This will really help to boost your Alexa ranking. 2. Install The Alexa Toolbar Using the Alexa toolbar on a system and browsing your website through it leads to rapid surges in your Alexa traffic rank. Just Click here to install the Alexa toolbar for free. 3. Content Related To Webmasters Or Bloggers Write some articles related to webmasters or a Blogger. If the article is good they will republish or link to their blog. By this traffic and Alexa Rank will also Improve. 4. Create A Webmaster Tools Section On Your Website This is a magnet for webmasters who will often revisit your website to gain access to the tools. Aaron Wall’s webpage on SEOTools is a very good example. 5. Update Regularly Alexa like regular update just like Google. Posting a regular article on your site. You need to provide good quality content, not quantity then Alexa will boost your Ranking. 6. Commenting On Other High Pagerank Blogs Commenting on blogs with High Pagerank. By this way you can build higher value links, and also good Traffic. Then the Alexa Rank will obviously Improve. 7. Focus On Global Traffic Don’t aim to build a reader base from a specific geographic location only. For a quality rank, focus on world wide audience. Simply put, target global traffic. 8. Pay Cybercafe Owners Pay Cybercafe Owners to install the Alexa toolbar and set your website as the homepage for all their computers. This might be difficult to arrange and isn’t really a viable solution for most. I’m keeping this one in because some have suggested that it does work. 9. Submit your Site in Directories Directories contain website in category wise. It helps you to make popular inbount good quality backlinks play major role in increase Alexa Rank. 10. Use PayperClick Campaigns Buying advertisements on search engines such as Google or Exact Seek will help bring in Traffic. Doubly useful when your ad is highly relevant to webmasters.

Make Your Blogs Revolutionize with these Tips

Introduction: Blogging has gained immense popularity and greater acceptability in recent times, thanks to its attractive designing and layouts, bold lettering styles and well crafted headings, excellent, timely and useful content that is also interesting and informative to most users and is also an effective tool for voicing personal opinions and individualized thoughts on many important subjects of daily living. Bloggers offer many personalized, interesting and multifaceted views on critical issues and thus blogging not only enhances reader experiences but also strengthens dissemination of ideas in many substantive and sublime ways. Compulsive Blogging: Blogging is an excellent platform for enriching reader experiences and more importantly, offering readers’ own opinions on almost all topics under the sun. It begets and stimulates critical thinking with like minded people all over the world. However, it is necessary and important that blogging needs to be furthered improved through the usage and implementation of these tips: Best Blog Tips: 1. Tip- Blogs are amenable to monetization. One could indeed make money through blogging in terms of Pay Per Click, Pay Per Call, Banner Ads, affiliate marketing and other methods. However, blogs must reach standards of business acceptability and due standards. 2. Tip- Bloggers should not rest on their laurels and must continue to move along the roads of blogging excellence and provide maximum enjoyment, exhilaration and usefulness to readers and users. A blog that just serves the bloggers interest does not serve for long. 3. Tip- Remember that blog audiences’ preferences and choices keep changing and evolving and there is need to keep up with it. Having a fixed attitude to blogging does not really work in even the short run, there is need to be flexible, keep options open and move in for the opportunities when the going is good. Blogging also depends on subjective vagaries and the next tip is really important. 4. Tip- Know your niche and exploit it to the hilt- Bloggers are mostly strong on certain ideas and they need to work and develop on these. If a baseball player is an excellent pitcher, he needs to work on his strengths and build forte. Focusing on one’s chances, goals and opportunities and turning weaknesses to strengths and threats to opportunities are the modern version of blog excellence. 5. Tip- It is necessary –Small defeats lead on to big victories. Blogging may not be very encouraging at all times and this is when one needs to sit back and take stock of the situation, analyze and assess situations and realign focus areas. What went wrong and where and why and how things could be set right are major focus areas that need to be worked out and remedied. It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness. 6. Tip – Set forth clear plans, goals and objectives for the blog: An aimless blog without any clear purpose does not serve the interests of bloggers, much less render benefits to readers. It is important to set forth lucid goals before hand- Is the blogger blogging for monetization, for popularity or to afford an excellent and worthy reading experience for the readers and users. 7. Tip – Know your audience- What does your audience make up of? Do they students, millionaires, traders, fellow bloggers or business persons want to make a deal. If your site is for promoting mobile phones and iPads, make sure it contains all matters connected with these items, including varieties ex stock, brands, prices, technical comparisons and so on. If it is courier service, you need to inform them how you deliver parcels to the Arctic region. Simply speaking, a reader could buy a mobile phone or place an order, just after just reading your blog- it should serve such maximum degree of utility value. 8. Tip- Know the needs of readers and users and try to satisfy them: Blogs need to be satisfying if they are intend on monetization. Merely praising products and service do not help. There is need to offer critique analysis and pros and cons of each product, or service. Besides, readers would need to trust blogs that contain authoritative contents, intent, authenticity and utility, besides being delightful to read and understand. 9. Tip- Archive well so as to simplify future blog searches: There is need to produce archives, based on chronological order, subject indexing, and/or name of the authors. The true value of archiving would only be known when it becomes necessary to refer to these again, at some future time, or day. Well archived blogs do provide a great deal of organized and well placed studies that could be most beneficial for future use and referencing. 10. Tip- Comments sections are really important. Feedbacks and comments are critical part of blogging and need to be well honored and complied with. Comments are generally generated by readers who have taken more than ordinary interests in blog proceedings and who wish to improve blogs or their contents. Besides, comments also facilitate new blog. It is quality of blog that is being commented and which needs to be improved upon. 11. Tip-Feeds are important since they are best strategies that could be used while using blogs. Feeds are indeed software that helps feed users gain the right kind of entry into the site by use of design. This also helps gaining updates about latest blogs, articles and increase interest levels and site readerships. Feeds offer enhanced reading and viewing experiences which could not be gained otherwise. 12. Tip- Interaction with other bloggers: The success of blogging, though contributed by individual bloggers, does depend to a large extent, on group or community efforts. Through collective mechanism of self blogging,the quality, utility and broadcast of blogs could be improved, gaining more readerships and contributing immensely to blog success. If bloggers are the only persons who reads blogs, the idea of blogging becomes self defeating, unilateral and non pervasive. The blogger needs to provide good, wholesome, creative and constructive ideas, opinions and comments for global internet audience and blogging does afford this genre of universal appeal and charisma. Blogging is indeed an art that could be refined and redefined through passion, practice and perseverance and being goal-focused. Besides, blogging is also a learning process through which the bloggers learns more about himself and the blogospheres in which they live.

Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

If you use social media marketing to sell your products, you need to watch out for a few common mistakes. Keep reading to learn more about the common mistakes you need to avoid.You should not launch your social media marketing campaign before learning more about your customers’ habits when it comes to social networking. It is true that Facebook and Twitter are the most popular networks, but your customers might be using other networks such as Tumblr, Reddit or Pinterest. Social networking habits can vary a lot in function of location, age group or subculture. If you sell products to an international audience, your foreign customers probably use different networks. You need to use surveys to get a better idea of which networks your customers use on a daily basis.You should not launch your social media marketing campaign without knowing what to expect. Keep in mind that some age groups or subcultures are more likely than others to buy a product after seeing an update on a social network. Social media has very little value to you if your customers are not likely to connect with their favorite brands on social networks. If you are not sure how interested your customers will be, you should launch your campaign on a trial basis. Present your campaign as a way of getting access to exclusive and valuable content to see how many customers subscribe. I have find a Facebook group and pages poster. This too is a must have if you are serious about social media. Check it here . You should not forget that by connecting with your brand on social networks, customers are making a statement. This action will become visible to their friends and will influence the way they are seen by their peers. Your customers will be more likely to connect with your brand if they feel like they can improve their own image by publicly associating with the image you have created for your brand. If you get a low interest for your social media marketing campaign, you might have to work on your branding strategy. Keep in mind that some products are too personal for your customers to feel comfortable about connecting with your brand on social networks.Do not over share. A lot of users fall into the trap of sharing updates about absolutely everything. Before sharing an update, you should take a few minutes to ask yourself how valuable this content is. Always remember that you are using social media marketing to promote you brand. All your updates should be related to topics your customers will be interested in and be considered as valuable. You should not hesitate to spend one or two days without posting anything new if you cannot find valuable content to share with your audience. Keep track of which updates generate the most attention from your audience to get a better idea of the kind of content your audience wants to see.Avoid these mistakes and you should be able to launch a very successful social media marketing campaign. Do more research on successful techniques before you start planning your social media marketing campaign.

Friday, April 19, 2013

The Difference Between Penguin and an Unnatural Links Penalty
Are you confused about the difference between Penguin and an Unnatural Links penalty? Not sure whether you should be disavowing your links? Wondering whether you should file for reconsideration?'re not alone! I have spent a good amount of time answering questions and learning from others in the SEOmoz Q&A and I see a lot of site owners and even SEOs who are unsure about the answers to these questions.
"We straight away knew that we had been hit by Google's Panda 3.9.1 update!"
Oh dear. An unnatural links warning is NOT indication that you have been affected by Panda! Now, this article, and the comments below it have some great information on unnatural links recovery, so I don't want to be too harsh on the author. My point in mentioning this though is that even SEOs who know a thing or two about Google penalties and algorithm changes can be confused on these matters.

A confession - I messed up too.

I am insanely obsessed with understanding Penguin, Unnatural Links Penalties and Panda. I really don't know why. But it all started because I made a mistake. I was part of an SEO forum discussion in which a site owner felt they had been affected by the Penguin algorithm. I told him to clean up his bad links and then file for reconsideration. A senior member of the forum rightfully corrected me and said that I was giving incorrect advice. And he was right! As I will discuss further on in this article, filing for reconsideration is not going to help a Penguin hit site. I gave some bad advice and I am grateful that I was corrected. What that correction did was make me realize that Penguin and Unnatural Links Penalties are confusing. A lot of SEOs, myself included at the time, had a lot to learn about these issues. I made a decision that day that I would learn everything I could about algorithm changes and Google penalties.

A Brief Description of Penguin, Unnatural Links and Panda

Before we start answering questions, here is some fundamental information about Penguin, Unnatural Links Penalties and Panda:

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Best Practices for Keyword Analysis

Many wonder if they are utilizing the best practices when it comes to searching for the appropriate keyword within the pay per click arena. Often, it is difficult to determine the best targeted keywords that will match or lure in people who are browsing the web. First and foremost, decide on a monthly budget for your campaign. Once you determine a comfortable amount, there are several other things to consider prior to your keyword analysis research. Make sure to allow for potential incidentals or keywords that might be more expensive than the norm but are essential for your company’s success. Once this is determined, review the different options of searching for keywords and which site to use. Many sites offer keyword analysis, however, in today’s times, the Google Adwords keyword tool has been known to be one of the most accurate tools available. This tool can help you determine the amount of searches for each keyword whether nationwide, statewide or globally. Google also provides you with the average cost per click and whether or not you want your term to be broad, exact or phrase.
Broad match means utilizing a specific keyword that will allow your ad to appear when similar phrases are searched. For instance, by using the word “infrared camera”, if someone searches the term “buy a camera” or even “digital camera” your ad will appear. Phrase match means that your keyword ad will appear when someone searches your exact keyword with something in front or in back of it. For example, if you use the word “infrared camera” and someone searches “buy infrared camera” or “infrared camera instructions”, your ad will show. The last, but not least option would be exact match. This simply means the searcher will need to enter in the exact keyword in order for your ad to appear. Using this setting is the most controlled of all of the options. Once your keyword analysis research is completed and a match choice has been set, you can at any point make changes to these options later if desired.
Keyword Analysis Image2Another best practice to use is browsing each keyword that is specific to your product or website’s content. The goal is to avoid using general terms which will only eat up your monthly budget. For instance, if you are selling a product such as a FLIR infrared camera, avoid utilizing the word “camera” by itself. It is important that your keyword analysis be as specific to the product as possible, and at least two words long, which will in turn help with your cost and assist searchers who are actually looking for this type of product. Keyword selection should be based more on quality and not quantity. This will also help with your monthly budget and help you to stay on track. When your keywords are very targeted and specific to your company’s products or advertisements it allows you to intrigue customers who are specifically interested in the product or company and keep others from clicking on your ad that are not quite related.

Understanding The Basics Of Pay Per Click Advertising

Businesses worldwide typically focus on broadening their marketing to include Pay Per Click advertising in an effort to enhance traffic to their site. Many ask, what is Pay Per Click? Pay Per Click, also known as PPC, is a form of Internet advertising used to direct traffic to websites wherein the business advertiser will pay the hosting search engine only when the ad is clicked and directed to the advertisers site. Learning the basics of Pay Per Click advertising is essential prior to creating your online advertising campaign. Pay Per Click advertising ranges from generating your keyterm or phrase list, creating your ad, generating a landing page to last but not least bidding on your selected keyterm or phrase. Fully understanding PPC can give you the key to opening up a new way of marketing.
First and foremost; it is best to fully understand that you don’t pay until someone actually clicks onto your ad. It is then that a payment is made to the search engine and the searcher is then directed to your site where it is your job to entice them to stay and shop. However, to first get to this stage, you, (meaning a business) must decide on a group of keyterms or phrases that best suits your business or products sold within your site. When choosing, it is always best to utilize several words or a phrase versus a single word such as “furniture”. Understanding your targeted audience will also help you to discover the best keyterms to use in order to potentially lead great traffic to your site.
This leads us to creating your ad which is also extremely important as you want your ad to catch the browsers attention. Try to keep your ad short and to the point. Also try to use your keyterm or phrase as much and as precise as possible within your ad. Explain what you have to offer and make it as exciting as possible. After your ad is written you will need to decide on the best landing page for each keyterm and ad created. The landing page should always show the product that is being searched. Try not to overload the customer with too much information meaning, you don’t want the customer to click various times in order to get to the product that they are searching for. Simple practice is the best solution for this step.
Last but not least is to bid on your keyword list. It is sometimes best to start low and work your way up because this will be money out of your pocket each time an ad is clicked on. Creating a budget and sticking to your budget is always important and will not create an unwanted balance. If you see that you are getting a large number of clicks with little to no sales, try to determine if your keyword is the most relevant and if it is actually bringing in the right kind of audience to your site. Determining the best bid amount for each keyterm or phrase takes patience and sometimes can take time to see how each one will perform.

Should I Sell Products On My Website?

I always relate Internet Marketing to selling something.  You may be an attorney, who is trying to sell your services, or perhaps you are a manufacturer who is thinking about selling your products direct to the consumer or in limited bulk discount pricing.
In many situations, I will most likely say the answer will be yes. You most likely will be selling something on your website.  A very good way to start to play around with the idea is to go to and type in “Keyword Tool”.  Click on the first link (it’s always the first one, go figure) and you can use that to get rough search volume estimates of a keyword you are thinking of selling, so that this way you can figure out the theoretical marketing potential will have to play.
If I go to this same keyword tool and type in Running Sneakers, and check off EXACT, under Local Monthly Searches it shows 1,600 (This is the relevant column for U.S. visits).  Under that row, you will see other recommendations, such as Best Running Sneakers with a search volume of 590.  Now you can start to figure out if you were on the main page of Google with an effective Search Engine Optimization strategy, that amount of traffic you may be exposed to.
Typically we recommend not more than two or three keywords per page to target, so depending on the amount of products involved, you can get a very good idea of your potential.