Hylomar flexible sealants have been used for decades to prevent leakage and protect automotive applications from premature failure. Whether you need to enhance a head gasket, remedy a water pump leak, prepare an engine surface for sealing, or fix a leaky transmission, we’ve got you covered. Hylomar polymer technology has been proven time and time again to provide leak-free sealing – quick and clean.

If it’s good enough for the world’s leading racing and aerospace brands, it’ll work on the toughest jobs you’ve got.

Hylomar Gasket Sealer and More

Preparing and sealing your engine has never been easier.
Let us?show you how it’s done. No problem.


"I did not know about your products until a friend of mine that works for a Nascar team told me about them. They not only seal, but the clean up is so easy."

-D. Craig