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CultureWaves: The Behavior Science Company

CultureWaves has been a pioneer in the study of need-based behavior since 2006.

Competitive Advantage

We are a transformative behavior science company specializing in the observation, documentation and translation of human behavior.

Actionable Insights

We convert our need-based behavior observations into actionable consumer insights and leverage our learnings to help you better engage current and future customers and build superior brands.

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Our blog explores current consumer behavior, what is happening, and why.

Are You Ready?

Consumers' needs and motivations change daily–are you ready?

We monitor cultural trends and market innovations on a real-time basis, complementing your reported data with observational behavioral data to ensure you have a whole perspective and know what’s really happening in your marketplace today, and what will happen tomorrow.

Our B2C world has changed to C2B–are you ready?

Rules of engagement have permanently changed. We help clients understand what it takes to create two-way lasting “connections” with consumers along the engagement journey.

Relevant and timely messaging defines success today–are you ready?

We go deeper into understanding consumer motivations and needs to help brands be relentlessly relevant.

The Power of WHY... will help you be ready.

Data alone can’t bring you new customers. Can’t keep up with why consumers change. Can’t predict your competition’s innovation. Can’t give you the right words to say to build loyalty. It’s time to use your data with a human touch to understand the “whole consumer.” You need a path to predict what they’ll do next, and what you need next, and what needs are driving their “why buy?”

We know why.


CultureWaves is obsessed with leveraging the “Power of Why.” We convert our need-based behavior observations into actionable consumer insights to help you take full advantage of emerging trends, better engage current and future customers, and build superior relevant brands.

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