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BBQSuperStars was founded to search out the leading cutting edge technology in BBQ. To go where no one has gone before. To produce the best BBQ ever produced. Myth Busting is silly??The History of BBQ?We have used Live Television. Cooked?BBQ Turkey, Closures that seal . Injecting with the Chop’s Power Injector is a great thing to do. Use Rub to create?Bark. Offset Smokers have always been labeled as the most flavor because of the smoke penetration they cause. ?Offsets were the first competition cooker commonly used and are used more some times. ?Water Cookers?have won a lot of championships. Some of the winning-est cooks to ever compete. Ceramic Cookers?hold a great temperature for a long time. Ceramic Cookers can generate a high temperature even 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. My favorite cooker now is Drum Smokers, low priced, very efficient, just great. Cooking Times and Temperatures are important. ?Santa Maria Grills are a great alternative to direct grilling needs. BBQSuperStars is bringing the four corners of the nation together. Buy a Santa Maria Direct Grill and do some great cooking on a nightly basis. Buy some spices at Spice World 1, Spice World 2, McCormick Grill Mates. Weber Grill Seasonings, Dutch Ovens, Cajohn’s Hot Sauce Two years ago or more I was filming a show and I ran out of grill room. The Weber Charcoal Chimney was full of lit charcoal so I just put a grate over it and cooked some BBQ.Beer Can Chicken Looks like the idea has taken off. I didn’t think about it when I did it. I love Baked Beans, Chili. ?I love cooking with Green Chili’s. Temperature Control is a whole set of its own issues. ?Weather you have a Weber Grill, or Gravity Flow Smoker. When it runs on?charcoal or wood you have options of mechanical temperature control with apps on your Iphone like IGrill App. When controlling temperatures after the cooks over finish it right with a Cambro Holding Device. Some people call it carry over cooking. ?Weber is a great cooker to cook offset. Basting Mopping Spritzing is a great thing to do read why? When talking about Boston Butts you have to talk about The Horn and The Money Muscle. When cooking always cook with coarse salt. Tailgating is crossing over to main stream BBQ. NFL Tailgating, MLB Tailgating, NBA Tailgating, NHL Tailgating, Premier League Tailgating?we have invested 4 years into building a complete layout for all types of tailgating. BBQSuperStars National Tailgate League is ready to launch we just need to organize competitions around the world. 1ccb542b8a58f090ebe92f1b1dd584e8?

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Television all over the United States. We do it a couple times a week and do cooking shows testing out some things in BBQ. What is cooking all about? We have done several series on competition cooking. Chicken, Ribs, Butts, Brisket. We later expanded to BBQ Beef, Steaks?in General, whole hog, seafood BBQ Shrimp, Fish, Scallops?have become a huge BBQ item in the last 5 years. Steaks are on the grill across the country.Chili has to be mentioned. Its about good Black Pepper with beef and brisket. Its about Royal Black Pepper is what its all about. We got Aluminum Foil, Aluminum Pans, Paper Towels, Texas Crutch or Boat ?You can find the best steaks in the world in our BBQSuperStars Butcher Shop. Whenever you cook BBQ Ribs and Chicken you have to finish it with Pepper Jelly.?Its all about using the right Techniques, Recipes. Why Inject??? The reason I’ve broke out Black Pepper, Paprika, Tumeric, and Cumin because they are so important to the color and flavor of BBQ! Use Mangrates

Good BBQ Cooking starts off with a good cooker. Gas Grills are by far the most common grill used in The United States (84 million House Holds). Grilling Planks are used commonly on Gas Grills. When you want to clean a Gas Grill use a Grill Blaster. ?Pellet Grills??are becoming a trend because of the ease of use and still cooking with wood. Gravity Flow Smokers have found its way into competition cooking. These offer a great cook with charcoal as its fuel. Its about understanding The Stall.?Increase your cookers efficiency by installing BBQ Gaskets around your cookers door, top and openings.Cleaning the grill

BBQSuperStars Topm 100 When Cooking BBQ you have to have all the tools. BBQ Sauce, BBQ Rubs, Injections, Marinades, Hot Dog Companies, Brat Companies, Ingredients for a Hamburger-Hot Dogs, ?Hot Sauces, Wing Sauce your have to know what is out there. I’m not interested in just giving you a few gimmick recipes. Its BBQSuperStars Cooking Channel Brisket 13to arm you with the tools and process to make up your own flavor profile any way you want. Some people around New Mexico like to cook with Green Chili’s. They have a great flavor. Beer Can Chicken is great.BBQSuperStars Trimming, Marinade, Inject, Rub, Glaze, Dust, Fire Braze each step is important. ?The technique of each step is what makes the difference between good BBQ and everyone going home early.?Test Kitchen with Julia Davison The Number one Recipe Book in the Land Master of the Grill?Smoke and heat create Bark. Best flavoring agent in BBQ. The importance of the Science of Smoke Competitors who have perfected this process of BBQ Excellence are in the Florida BBQ Association?International BBQ Cookers Association?South Carolina Barbecue Association When you see the BBQSuperStars Guarantee it means that it is the best that we can find! Food Safety is the most important part of BBQ or Cooking. BBQSuperStars Guarantee We are dedicated to the best there is in BBQ. We won’t put our guarantee on anything that we can’t verify. ? We have 20,000 products on our BBQSuperStars Shopping Network. We have Sauces, Rubs, Marinades,Hot Sauces,??Cutlery, Tailgate Merchandise, Picnic Supplies, and all things outdoors. BBQSuperStars is a multimedia company. We can show you how to do your BBQ on video. We can let your read how to handle your BBQ on a page. We can let you call into a radio show and talk to a professional about how to cook your BBQ. Every night but Saturday call 347-202-0263 The BBQSuperStars Radio Network.BBQSuperStars Radio Correct 1 BBQSuperStars is made up of 6 radio host and thousands of BBQ Teams and friends around the world. BBQSuphoerStars is doing research every week live on the air to bring BBQ to all the world. Check out this new book by Staci Jett called Secret Ingredient

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Always use a spatula not ?tongs not a fork. Absolutely! Don’t use a fork on the grill or smoker. ?Why? The whole idea of The Stall. All meat has a protection system against cooking the inside of the meat to preserve itself as long as it can. When a piece of meat part of an animal is heated up all the fluid in the piece goes to the outside edge all meat does it. ?When you poke a hole in the surface juice will automatically run out. That is the flavor you want to eat later. Don’t break the crust. Meat will crust first when you start cooking and then change to the final product not only don’t break it if you move it. Definitely don’t poke a whole in it. Tongs will break the crust. A?spatula?that is big enough to pick it up and not break the crust is ideal. Cook with shovels is what Tim Handy says. I don’t care if that meat is full of ?water you don’t want to lose any of it. A small leak sunk the ship. If you looking you aren’t cooking. Is True. when you take the lid off a Weber Grill you just change the whole dynamic of the grill no reflected heat now your just grilling the bottom. When you open a Deep South Smoker the most controlled chamber in BBQ for Charcoal Cooker can’t hold up to and open door. What is the recovery time to back to prime temperature is the question. The answer to that is insulation. BBQ Gaskets will seal any smoker or cooker. The more insulated the cooker the less the recovery times. ?Thin walled cookers won’t recover as fast. Keep it closed so it will cook at the rate you desire. Grilling Planks have been used quite often on a Weber Grill. High is the Best Heat – Less stuff can go wrong over a 4 hour cook instead of a 12 hour cook. of the evolution of BBQ. BBQ Gaskets will aid in the performance of any cooker. Melting Fat?Temperature ?fluctuations, wind changes, cooker problems, are less in a shorter cook time. 300 F (300 degrees Fahrenheit) is a good rule of thumb. ?In ribs, butts, brisket, BBQSuperStars Top 100 Seal of Excellence 1
whole hog, shoulder, 300 F is not bad. ?It seems to do a great job just like low an slow. ?Some champions say “Crank up that Heat!” Its part Penetrates the Meat – Definitely not true. Fat Soluble or non polar molecules are not going to penetrate Water Soluble or polar molecules. Like dissolves like. ?Like mixes with like. ?Water Base repels Oil Base so when you cook a large piece of pork or beef the fibers of the meat are water base. Protein is a polar molecule. ?Non polar fat chains are not going to penetrate the fibers. ?The membranes are polar. The little heat you use in BBQ Cooking is not going change the chemical properties of fat that much. It will change from one carbon form to another. I seen when Steve Raichlen dogged this guy out fat cap on top. Unfortunately nothing back this up. Cooking Time lines are important. ?The fat rolling over the outside your meat will probably dilute your rub or wash it off. The Bone Adds Flavor – in 1950 this was issue. ?When rubs and sauces were not around in the number and types and extent they are now it was an issue. ?If you don’t want to use little flavoring agents and want to depend on the natural flavors. ?Then definitely get bone in. If you are willing to use rubs and sauces as needed the bone makes no difference. ?Obie-cue is a great set of Rubs. Pork_Injection_grande 1The Bone will never be missed with them. Grilling Causes Cancer – if you use ever green products as fuel then grilling causes cancer. ?Eating excessive burnt material is said to cause cancer depending on what it is. ?Food products mostly excessively burnt will not cause cancer. ?Most substances that are burnt change to calcium carbonate. ?Calcium Carbonate has never caused cancer in anyone. Calcium Carbonate is taken every day in tablet and capsule form for supplementing diets. ?The whole deal is excessive burning. ?What are you burning and eating. ?Basic foods like meat, vegetables, and cheeses you may put on the grill won’t cause anyone any problem unless your burn them in excess. Don’t eat excessively burnt foods. Use Pepper Jelly?to finish your cook. You can rely on your grills built in Thermometer – depending on how far it is away from the Grill Plate. ?Where your meat is setting is where you want to take the temperature. How far above your meat is the thermometer. ?Eight inches can make a big difference because of the heat source is farther away. ?Where is the exit for the smoke. ?The closer you are to that the more the temperature can be off. ? There can be a 10 degree to a 100 degree difference in the grill grate temperature and the thermometer temperature ET-72_web_grandein the hood or top of the grill. Grill mats protect your deck, Iron Man Cookers is aware of this and puts the thermometer where it counts right at the grill grate.?

Are grill marks important? At a Steak Contest or Hamburger Contest. Grill Grates?, Man Grates?When your guest come over and you want to impress. Grill marks in a perfect grid shape add to any presentation. Does it add any flavor, no way, does it make you think about the commercials? Sure. Add Grill Marks if you can it will make you feel like a cowboy on the range. Do Marinades add a lot of moisture to a finished product? Absolutely! If you think about a Boston Butt, Chicken, Brisket, Whole Hog if you handle them correctly they are moist any way. ?If you increase the amount of fluid inside the membranes and as a reservoir for the meat chambers to draw on. Water based marinades will increase the amount of moisture and flavor of any smoker, grill cooked meat. If you over cook any piece of meat its going to dry out. Long term cooked meat should be wrapped. Injecting you just passed all the membranes and put a polar fluid like the rest of the environment right in the mix.? A Whole ChickenBeer Can Chicken 3 taste better than one part of a chicken? Totally not true. Back in the 50’s to the 70’s this may have been true. ?The amount of bones, the gizzards were a source of flavor during that time. Since Lawry’s Season Salt emergence. ?Rubs, Sauces, and Marinades?.??Deboning a Chicken is one way to go. ?You can make a whole chicken taste as good as any other single part. Hamburger is the riskiest meat? Not true. All meat is equally risky. ?Its all in the handling. If you think about a Brisket Dry ageing for 40 days that sounds risky. Salt cured ham that sounds risky. ?Pathogens that get into hamburger and other types of meat are not air borne. The Pathogens come from surfaces. ?Hamburger may go through a grinding machine but all cuts of meat go through cutting tables and belts taking them all over the plant. Every cut of meat in 2015 has the same risk of being contaminated. Do you trust your butcher, the store you got it out of, company that produced it. Beef Grades? Barbecue Sauce is always Red? Wow what a sad day, BBQ Sauce is Red, Yellow, Brown, White, Clear, all shades of yellow and red. ?BBQ Sauce is Mustard Base, Tomato Base, Vinegar Base, Mayonnaise Base, and probably many other based. How to cook a pork shoulder.?When to use Mustard when cooking BBQ? The set up requirement to win a BBQ contest has set a standard around the country that has hurt BBQ. ?There are all kinds of BBQ Sauce just go to the Grocery Store and look. If there is red in the chicken is the chicken undercooked? If the red is raw chicken as you get to the bone its under cooked. Maverick Temperature Control If its done and come loose from the bone then no depends on the fuel cooked with. Mesquite wood, some oaks, mesquite charcoal, will turn your chicken meat red under the skin. ?I have had chicken?that won’t pull away from the bone is a case of chicken not being done. If you brine your chicken you won’t have any red vessels so if its red its the type of charcoal or wood you used. The content in the smoke did it. I’d eat it. I have. Soak your Wood? Soak your wood its a non issue. Soak it long as you can. Chicken that was falling apart done and real red under the skin using Carbon Del Sur mesquite charcoal. ?It has nothing to do with weather its done. ?Joints that won’t come apart not done. ?and chicken soaked over night is hydrated blood is gone. Firey Foods plays a role in good flavor profile. Wood will last longer soaked ?than dry wood ready to burn. Your going to get the flavor even when its wet.?PUT AN INDENTION IN THE TOP OF YOUR BURGER??Flip Burgers only once? Its about saving juices. Don’t press down on a burger. The more you turn a hamburger over the more bumping and jerking you do on the burger the more juices run out on the grill. ?Don’t press down on your burgers. Juice will just shoot out. Press an indention in the center of your burger? 75/25 Hamburger will change shape and you’ll have to keep pressing down on the burger to make the indention stick. ?It will cook the shape different till it no longer has the indention. ?85/15 does better but it still doesn’t maintain the indention without attention. ?95/5 Hamburger will hold its shape well. It helps hold your additive like lettuce, tomato, pickles, mayonnaise, what ever you like, it works. The indention deters sliding of the extra stuff off round vs convex. Maillard Reaction?– its different than caramelization, Maillard is between sugars and proteins, caramelizaion is between milk and sugars. ?The idea that as soon as a piece of meat reaches a certain temperature its ready to eat. The worse thing ever done in BBQ is people saying pull as soon as it gets to a certain temperature. Grill Safety and Grill Gloves – some things to think about when grilling out.How to cook a duck!


Lawry’s has been doing it for almost 100 years.

You can instill more flavor in Chicken Wings than you can a whole chicken. Less mass to have to flavor and less area for the BBQ.Positive Wellness

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