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CNN more angry about Trump church 'photo-op' than mass murder/looting    06/24/20  (27)
*Hunter Biden snorting a fat coke line off TS Amanda's FuckStick*    06/24/20  (5)
"I always dreamed of going to law school and suing people for a living"    06/24/20  (4)
Resolved: banks are the WORST biglaw clients    06/24/20  (9)
TS Amanda Gave Me The Gift of IBS (Gamers Weekly)    06/24/20  (4)
“Have you been working out?” TS Amanda asks as she pulls down your boi pants    06/24/20  (2)
HOW MANY DO YOU GET RIGHT on this IQ TEST out of 33    06/24/20  (1)
From the beginning of Time, man has looked up at the TS Amanda COCK and wondered    06/24/20  (3)
Bubba Watson actually saw TS Amanda’s COCK, but was too ashamed to say anythin    06/24/20  (2)
can't think of a worse pandemic right now than lawyers    06/24/20  (1)
Vindicated about Flynn. Strzok notes more important 1000x than DC Cir opinion    06/24/20  (55)
Biglawyers, have you made your donations to racial justice yet?    06/24/20  (12)
Hey BIRDSHITS: Fuck You Die Slow SnowNiggas!    06/24/20  (4)
WA loses $500 million gov't funds. Gibberishtp: "so by the way I'm moving overse    06/24/20  (4)
“what does ‘host’ mean?” wrote back opposing counsel    06/24/20  (4)
The POTUS of the United States is responsible for my emotional needs (Democrat)    06/24/20  (1)
Released 4000 crickets in ghetto NYC as revenge for Fireworks going off    06/24/20  (1)
Hallstatts stoically taking their wives to Club Atlantids    06/24/20  (6)
Do you have a financial advisor/wealth manager or are you SOLO?    06/24/20  (47)
Perjury with Impunity: The Getting of Scott Free Story (Netflix)    06/24/20  (1)
Xo poll-initial NOOSE WAS FOUND claim: honest mistake or deliberate false flag?    06/24/20  (41)
obeezy>Henry Aaron, drake mallard, voodoo child    06/24/20  (3)
? Sunbelt is turning into a house of horrors. ?    06/24/20  (23)
Individual describes guilt in NYT over calling police on armed robbers    06/24/20  (75)
*hallstatt clutching his pillow gf while suffering anaphylaxis from milk*    06/24/20  (5)
Modifiable Risk Factors and Comorbidities for Severe COVID-19 Infection [Greger]    06/24/20  (2)
Trump doing worse against Biden than before the riots    06/24/20  (62)
"Western civilization" is racist basically. What's the solution?    06/24/20  (26)
rate this scene involving a hallstatt and a north atlantid    06/24/20  (9)
rule of law is gay    06/24/20  (4)
mad about blormf! fuck my asshole    06/24/20  (1)
UT Southwestern sounds alarm on COVID-19 surging in Dallas-Fort Worth    06/24/20  (1)
Did the MATH. Biden will win 30 states to Trump's 20. 412-126 in the EC.    06/24/20  (8)
Bayer reaches $10b settlement in RoundUp lawsuit    06/24/20  (20)
So Trump + Trumptard Governors actively killed their citizens?    06/24/20  (2)
my Liberal Arts degree will guide me in the coming storm    06/24/20  (11)
DAILY REMINDER: Texans not welcome in civilized states now    06/24/20  (3)
Cuckold poster back again taking Qs, currently have a good match on Tinder    06/24/20  (26)
the second a black joins NASCAR there are false racist attacks?    06/24/20  (6)
ITT: the perfect woman (she's an edgy 15 y/o youtuber)    06/24/20  (28)
Young earth creationist taking qs    06/24/20  (2)
Texas covid hospitalizations skyrocketing, down to only 1,400 ICU beds statewide    06/24/20  (139)
How much does a new kitchen cost?    06/24/20  (11)
The posts about "Obeezy" are the worst shit on this board right now.    06/24/20  (43)
Trump to visit Mt Rushmore on July 3    06/24/20  (7)
97 percent of ICU beds at Texas Medical Center (Houston) now occupied    06/24/20  (30)
Really can't stand my wife. At what point do you divorce when you have a kid?    06/24/20  (134)
Any good crossbows for beginner?    06/24/20  (3)
what's a good chest freezer?    06/24/20  (1)
Morbidly Obese Sex Robot - Plz respond! Thx    06/24/20  (18)
'Let me guess, you want to nuke them all': Trump constantly baiting John Bolton    06/24/20  (77)
So NASCAR participated in promoting an anti-white blood libel hoax?    06/24/20  (2)
what should I look for in a crossbow? Any recs?    06/24/20  (5)
NFL to require at least 1 Black QB on every team’s roster in new Rooney Rule    06/24/20  (7)
So basically the second wave thing really happened?    06/24/20  (3)
Explain living on a boat in a marina (not flame)    06/24/20  (8)
faking my own death tonight brb    06/24/20  (2)
Ricky what kind of stuff are you shooting with your crossbow    06/24/20  (9)
Ex-biglaw bro’s: fair salary for junior associate at small lit shop?    06/24/20  (52)
joe bider here. i'm here for ask to money the campaign for.    06/24/20  (2)
22oz Guiness Extra Stout is only $3    06/24/20  (1)
Top 1 percentile news follower, and I can't remember why Trump got impeached.    06/24/20  (9)
Ever KNOW you're not going to pass an exam? I am taking one Saturday    06/24/20  (14)
Leiter on Bubba Wallace investigation: "That's knot scholarship!"    06/24/20  (14)
Investingmos: is it true that now is a bad time to get into BOND FUNDS?    06/24/20  (2)
It's the cattle mutilations, stupid    06/24/20  (2)
ever job in finance except for accountant & bank teller = flame    06/24/20  (5)
Dupa was The Great Teacher    06/24/20  (1)
Trump era will likely be less PC/SJW    06/24/20  (26)
lol black ppl are already discussing length and modalities of reparations    06/24/20  (25)
Good things are bad and bad is good    06/24/20  (2)
Philando Castile v. George Floyd    06/24/20  (9)
HBOs Succession is actually pretty fucking good.    06/24/20  (5)
What is Lenny?    06/24/20  (10)
"always. a. gook. pumo." coughed DBG's grandfather as the oven door closed    06/24/20  (10)
Trump's gonna win what is XO smoking    06/24/20  (2)
I never mention I'm Attila the Hun reincarnated until the third date    06/24/20  (3)
Gun store etiquette    06/24/20  (35)
smiling around men & frowning around women    06/24/20  (4)
Just fucking LOL @ Mia Kalifa's SHITTHATDIDNTHAPPEN.TXT (twitter)    06/24/20  (4)
i am transitioning into a beaver & building a beaver dam for myself    06/24/20  (6)
Latest polls have Biden winning NC & OH. Texas a dead heat. COVID-19 peaking.    06/24/20  (12)
Setstein and DBG should make a buddy comedy flick together    06/24/20  (1)
Its been a while - Staind plays as you fly out of Kandahar province on C130    06/24/20  (2)
Copped viking stove off craigslist, 3 years old, $10k sticker,    06/24/20  (2)
top Machine Learning professor explains why Trump's H1B ban is idiotic    06/24/20  (126)
camping with Ricky    06/24/20  (11)
mexicans might be my least hated minority group    06/24/20  (25)
TODAY WE ARE ALL VINCI FANS    06/24/20  (19)
Uncle Thoni: Lance Might Not Play US Open, Focus On 12th Coupe #tennis    06/24/20  (5)
White non-HS grads score HIGHER on 'science test' than Black college grads (DM)    06/24/20  (191)
Should I self deport back to europe    06/24/20  (5)
"Sleepy Joe" is kind of an own-goal by Trump    06/24/20  (1)
Is Perth, Australia tcr?    06/24/20  (17)
had a big, thick camera shoved directly up the hole of my penis this morning    06/24/20  (20)
If someone initiates a civil claim against you, is that considered public record    06/24/20  (5)
Serena could win the GrandSlam by beating R. Vinci and F. Panetta in SF/F of USO    06/24/20  (23)
XO brewery dads, what sandals should I get?    06/24/20  (63)
Honestly don't even care anymore. Would let any poster jerk me off.    06/24/20  (3)
How difficult is it for white person to immigrate to Europe?    06/24/20  (29)
u: "I can maek it?" interviewer: "yup, good luck!" *shuts tuna oven door on u*    06/24/20  (7)
?Sunbelt is turning into a reach for utexas. ?    06/24/20  (4)
I am PRO-FIREWORKS. Let the kids have fun.    06/24/20  (1)
Better interior paint finish: flat or glossy?    06/24/20  (3)
what kind of lifetime earnings does a wrestler like Bob “Hardcore” Holly ha    06/24/20  (10)
De Blasio to paint "Black Lives Matter" on street in front of Trump Tower (link)    06/24/20  (3)
lol @ trump's testing comment - he has to fuck up verbally every quarter i guess    06/24/20  (2)
Will Trump try to shake Biden's hand at a debate?    06/24/20  (2)
Popular gay bar in Seattle will close until CHAZ is completely dismantled (link)    06/24/20  (7)
:D when is the last time u left your apartment?    06/24/20  (1)
i think i’m going to end up homeless and/or dead lmao    06/24/20  (13)
Djoker's Dad: Federer Only Playing To Keep Lance & Djoker From Records #tennis    06/24/20  (12)
Xo Steve Hsu fucking CANCELLED. Incredible    06/24/20  (37)
“Noose, noose, rabbit, another noose, noose” (Bubba taking Rorschach    06/24/20  (3)
“Bubba, check out this Magic Eye pic—“ “its a noose!”    06/24/20  (2)
anyone else walk around ur city looking for lost nickles, dimes and pennies?    06/24/20  (3)
Stanford AD fired for proposing "only one" fball game w/ black BLM jerseys    06/24/20  (2)
Rate this thicc white girl?    06/24/20  (27)
When Tony Soprano met Noah the Black Jew    06/24/20  (56)
Any PC games with $60 right now?    06/24/20  (9)
ITT: I let xo decide which PS4 game to start up next. A bunch of choices.    06/24/20  (30)
Wreck it Ralph 2 is soooooo bad    06/24/20  (3)
CSLG, Teach us an UNDERVALUED business skill    06/24/20  (7)
upcoming football "season": black jerseys, BLM logos on fields, free BLM ads    06/24/20  (1)
NYT Poll: Biden leading trump by 80 points    06/24/20  (2)
PARSCALE OUT!    06/24/20  (3)
How did the dems go from irrelevant to insanely powerful in like a month?    06/24/20  (1)
Lower IQ: redneck Parscale or buffoon Trump?    06/24/20  (1)
extremely online corporate maoism    06/24/20  (2)
Djoker's Father Blames Dimitrov For POZZED Outbreak #tennis    06/24/20  (2)
A bunch of earthquakes all over right now    06/24/20  (2)
Obeezy poasted an arm "muscle" shot - as pathetic as expected    06/24/20  (132)
Cuomo keeping AOC off next ballot until she "releases bikini shots"    06/24/20  (16)
so literally no one close to Trump is non-Jewish?    06/24/20  (1)
why is Saturn more beloved than Jupiter? Is it because Saturn has rings?    06/24/20  (28)
Rioters in Detroit are tearing down the Robocop statue right now on youtube live    06/24/20  (3)
Stalin car fundraiser thread    06/24/20  (48)
Surveillance video of a MASS-SHOOTING in Brooklyn:    06/24/20  (15)
Which non white group will be first to turn and vote Republican?    06/24/20  (3)
weird gay millennial mannerisms tp    06/24/20  (1)
'we have to make them gay over there so we can be gay over here.'    06/24/20  (1)
go balls deep long market tomorrow on 6.15.2020    06/24/20  (32)
Joe Biden can barely speak, slurs, and has evident signs of dementia    06/24/20  (45)
“White men use an esoteric language consisting only of racial slur    06/24/20  (1)
Here's a helpful reminder for you all when you feel deep regret    06/24/20  (145)
propanolol    06/24/20  (3)
Parscale news is flame    06/24/20  (3)

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