Saturday, June 27, 2020

Saturday afternoon

So I got back to my God time later.  No music this time apparently I don't have the focus.  But I got back to it so I'm pleased.  

I lost a book "Daily Light for the Daily Path" I really liked it.  I had bought it used, I forget what happened to it.  I may have given it away or the movers threw it away (it was pretty trashed).  I was under the impression I still had it.   

I just downloaded the Kindle app, signed in, and found the book in my library.  I THOUGHT I had gotten it.  It is a nice little Bible study a few minutes a day morning and evening.  Glad to have that back, and I have dozens of books.  I will be busy for a while.  

It would be better with an actual Kindle device but the phone will work until I can swing that.  It's not like I can read it out in public waiting on a ride, that is a sure fire way to get robbed.  I will only really be able to read it at home.  

I was reading a paperback at the bus stop when the guy tried to rob me, and I beat him up, back in 2009.  I had a hard time with the bus stop for a while until I rescued Biscuit and Gravy at the same bus stop.  

But so many drivers are coming down sick I just don't feel safe riding.  

I need to figure out dinner, and do some sort of physical therapy with Ron. I think I am going to have him practice sitting up in bed, he has some difficulty.  Do that more and more until it is smooth... I want him able to get up and into his wheelchair easily.  That is my short term goal.  

That's it for now.  

Very early Saturday

Menopause herbs are working!  I slept better, not great.  It didn't help I had a big fluffy Torbie in the bed heating me up but I would crawl over molten glass for her.  So, better.  Glad I got them.  

What did I get?  All from Swanson: 
Black Cohosh
Wild Yam
Dong Quai

That is at least 2 continents' worth of herbal healing.  I am taking them according to label directions.  

I woke up Ron was naked in bed.  I used the opportunity to give him a bed bath and adjust him in bed.  He was agreeable.  I need to change the sheet.  

Torbie decided to sleep with him for a while now, it's a good life for her.  Ron was murmuring her name and petting her last I saw.  

I woke up at 4, but I went to bed early so I was OK with that.  I am about to do my God time.  

Done, but I need to play quieter music, it was distracting.  I will do it again later, God is always happy to hear from me.  

Ron was up for a while after I got up but went to sleep again.  Once I verify the bank is open I will wake him up before I leave.  

I imagine no one wants to wake up alone.  Ron included.  One day he forgot I went out and said he was calling me for a while, I thought that was sad.  I found his cell phone and am charging it, I will wake him up once I confirm this bank is open.  He is sleeping so hard I hate to wake him up but the bank is not open very long today and I need to turn on this debit card.  

Then I can do "change orders" without taking him to the bank: important.  I want to minimize his public exposure, for instance, the only time he's gone to Walmart was the day we got him his fan.  We were in and out in 10 minutes.  

And I was in and out of the bank in 5.  The Uber drivers were great, as always, but pretty irked they did a disaster declaration push to ALL cell phones in the area.  I didn't get it?  Anyway, everyone stayed home after that.  

And I didn't go anywhere else I just turned on the bank card, changed some one dollars for a few $20's, and came right home again.  Ron didn't even have time to miss me.  

He is asleep again.  I found his phone and charged it before I left.  But he is out.  

I was reminded of an incident that happened a little over 17 years ago.  Ron's brother always felt like he had to look out for Ron.  So he took the accident hard.  

Of course, being a loving Christian the first thing he did when he saw me was blame me for the accident.  I vainly explained Ron always walked to work by himself and didn't want assistance, had NEVER asked, and would have turned it down had I offered.  He didn't want to hear how I was working 16 hour days for Ron, anyway, I could see that.  But he was very vehement in his hatred.  

He came in a few days later, very subdued.  He said "I guess you were telling the truth about Ron".  Oh?  Turns out he had discussed Ron with a coworker, and the guy said "The blind guy walking down Aldine Bender?  Every day I offered him a ride and every day he said NO"  so then he believed me.  We were OK for a while.  

Ron finally came out of his coma and did well enough when I was around that everyone took notice.  I am not sure how I feel about the concept of soulmates but we certainly have a bond, and that was apparent.  So they "let" me visit.  

Ron progressed and they had him doing physical therapy exercises, etc.  I made a deal with Ron, I would play his favorite CD during the workout and give him a foot massage after.  One day Ron's brother walked in on the foot massage and blew up at me, that I was "pampering" him and "not getting anything done".  I had done everything that needed doing.  

He screamed at me for a while, scared the crap out of Ron, and left.  Later on he got me in the cafeteria, did the "I may have..." routine apology.  I asked him why he was so upset.  

He said he had spoken to his wife.  She was a nurse and had a pretty good idea what to expect.  The more ignorant family members looked to her even though she agreed with one of them Ron's brain was "spinning in his head and pressing on the bad spot" on his bad days.  WHAT?  

Anyway, he talked to her and said "If I was like Ron, would you take care of me like Heather does?"  

"No, I would put you in a nursing home!"  So he was a little upset HIS wife wasn't supportive.  I could see why he'd be upset and why it might be hard to see my devotion.  

And we weren't even married at the time.  I married a blind man in a wheelchair.  I had a pretty good idea what to expect.  

But he was quiet last night, old Torbie got me hot pressing against my skin but I would never complain.  I adore her.  

I will eat a couple of frozen burritos shortly, and take my pills and a nap.  I feel the hot flashes will get better and better (I had a bad one doing the litter box) as I progress with the medication.  

That's it for now.  

Friday, June 26, 2020

Friday afternoon

Well, apparently I need to pay more attention to the news.  

Virus is apparently VERY BAD in Houston right now.  So we will stay home for a while.  We will be OK; Ron has his radio, plenty of cat food and treats, I have plenty of food and medication.  Better to go into turtle mode for a bit.  

That is the nice thing about having Ron.  No one's going to fault me for keeping him home.  I will say I would have bought more soda if I'd known this was coming BUT I plan for worst case and have caffeine tablets should I run out completely, then I can taper off.  

I am mainly sick of the animal cruelty commercials on TV.  I have done a lot to rescue abused and unwanted (elderly, feral, special needs, one was all 3) animals, I don't need someone trying to guilt me with images of skinny, flea-ridden kittens.  I am not a dog person.  If I am not mistaken one of the animal welfare charity directors had a huge yearly salary and was quoted saying "What do they think we do, help animals?"  

I spend about $60 a month just on specialty cat food I have NO impetus to donate, and the way things are going now I'm getting into tightwad mode and will not be donating much at all.  Gospel for Asia and World missionary press, that's it.  

Once things settle out I would like to give something to Grace and Truth.  

I think I will have a cup of noodles for dinner.  

Friday morning

I'm not going to discuss certain aspects of Ron care due to narc/snitches reading the blog and playing God with the information.  That's on them, if they think what they did was private boy are they in for a shock on judgement day.  But knowing people like that are out there informs things I post.  

Ron had a pretty good day yesterday and did his vitamin and physical therapy.  He actually asked to do more exercises which I found hopeful.  I have my doubts the little bit he does in bed will make a lasting difference but I have to try, and at least help him preserve what he does have.  

I can talk about that.  I didn't sleep well last night because I was worried about him, things I can't discuss.  You can thank the snitch for that I HATE being vague.  So I did not sleep well BUT I had fewer hot flashes so those herbs are getting in there and doing the job.  That was encouraging.  

Ron was not up for going to work today so we cancelled and can go later.  He is sleeping now, I kind of doubt his account of sleeping "well" last night as  most of what he had going seemed to be related to simple fatigue.  The bank has been closed all week, that is disturbing.  We need to do transactions.  

Ron had me move him in bed a few times, he had Torbie in bed with him and didn't want to upset her.  She would have been nice about it, but still...I was happy to do it.  

I am waiting until 11 to eat, I am still doing intermittent fasting.  It is overcast today but no rain.  I have some cut up cheese, or some yogurt.  I have been getting a headache anyway every day so I will probably eat a bigger meal and take my medication at 11.  Doc says it doesn't matter when I take it, as long as I take it.  

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Thursday Afternoon

I had a good nap with Cleo, sleeping on my arm, but yet another [censored] headache.  Maybe I need one of those fancy pillows, I DON'T KNOW but SICK of them.  I took some advil gel caps Ron won't touch those.  

Some home care stress, I won't relate every detail but I am all he's got and he was "bothering" me a lot.  I am glad he sleeps so much it would be much more difficult if he didn't.  

And I got a cute photo of Torbie.  

I thought it was cute.  

Ron wanted to go outside so I got him dressed and took him out in his wheelchair, he sat outside for a while, fresh air.  It started to rain but he didn't mind, sat there for a while in the rain, I let him, it was warm rain, then he wanted to sit in the garage for a while with the door up, did that.  Then we came in the house and got him to bed.  

I checked the mail.  I gave him his vitamin.  I will do his bath either later tonight or tomorrow morning.  He asked for his ABC which I knew meant the "CBD" - hemp oil, he wanted three squirts.  He is sadly lacking in fatty acids so that will help.  

I had a protein shake for dinner, will finish it with some cup of noodles.  The cats are good and no one is looking at the fridge anymore so I imagine the mouse (hopefully the only one) is gone for good.  I made sure to appreciate all the cats today I really do value their skills in this.  

That's it for now.  

Thursday morning

Well, I didn't sleep great last night but the cats got the mouse and left him in Ron's doorway.  I found it and disposed of it, cleaned the floor with some fight-bac.  So I call that a win.  

Ron has been pretty drunk this morning which has affected his ability to get in/out of his wheelchair.  But I did manage to change his sheets.  He has been saying the left side of his bed is lower than the right, it is not, but he has this problem sometimes with the head injury, the bed feels imbalanced to him.  

So I found a brick in the yard and used that to prop the left side of the bed.  He wasn't very coherent but he seemed happy with it, and the bed was OK elevated like that with me on it, so I have to assume it will be fine with his weight.  He has a metal platform frame with the mattress on it.  He is snoring right now.  

I am going to do kettlebells in a little bit and then do my God Time, do some laundry.  Not sure what else is planned.  It is raining so I don't want to go out and the bus company sent me another text basically saying "Forget about riding today".  Budget is not great, either.  But I have food, cat food.  

Oh, on that... I had a feast of wet food for them this morning.  Odds are they will not relate it to the mouse but I gave them some fishy wet stuff and a can of their favorite mixed grill.  

I did my God Time and fed Ron.  Found his radio.  Did Kettlebells.  Took a shower.  Not in that order.  But I got it all done.  

Now I need to make trips for tomorrow.  

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Most of Wednesday

We were forecast to have severe weather, maybe, today.  I checked a couple of sources and went with Accu-weather on my phone which said maybe in the afternoon.  

I called Arturo, tried to go to the bank but it was closed.  Went to the new Walmart, got everything on the list but forgot the hard boiled eggs.  I did get the protein shakes for me, though, and a pint of ice cream for my dinner.  

Ron had split peas for breakfast and a lunchable for lunch so he is good for a while.  I will offer more food in a while but he would let me know if he was hungry.  

I had fun looking around but could not find a regular twin fitted sheet, by itself.  They had something they called an "adjustable" twin to twin xl.  I don't want an 80 inch long twin.  I want 72, Ron's size.  I hope my aunt still has those old twin fitted sheets for me.  

I checked out and Arturo took me home, I put everything away.  I took a nap.  

I slept OK, I had Biscuit so that always amps it up to AWESOME level but did have a nasty headache.  Ugh.  

I forgot yesterday I cannot eat the yellow zingers.  I ate a couple and am paying for it today.  I took some more excedrin and even smoked some hemp, still have some headache.  

My cycle is erratic enough that I switched to pads for the rest of it.  

Two of the mouse traps were moved, I took a tip off a pest control blog and used 1.  Less bait and 2.  Moved 2 traps to the area of activity so I can hopefully pin 'em in one or the other.  I did that in 2 areas, with a total of 4 traps.  

Good thing Ron doesn't go up to the kitchen anymore.  It is behind the fridge so I put 2 traps back there.  Hopefully I get him.  

I also had the door to the garage open today, and the garage door up, while I was bringing in stuff so ideally it just ran outside and away.  

I am happy Ron likes the Lunchable so well.  It is a good meal and a good amount of protein, but not huge, some variety (cheese, crackers, meat, little candy bar), and filling but not overly so.  He likes them a lot so that is a nice change for me I just have to open it for him.  He also has the better part of a case of flavor mix variety chips from Frito Lay as well.  He is temperate in his snacking and can be left with one of these, it will take him weeks to eat it all.  

I feel good about that he has a different snack.  He is not a big eater but he likes small meals.  The split peas are good for that, and the protein bars, lunchables, etc.  I take his nutrition pretty seriously.  

He has been excellent about taking his multivitamin every day it has basic amounts of all the b vitamins, A, and iron, with a little calcium as well.  It's a start.  I will get him in the habit of that and then maybe we can add more down the line.  He should be OK as long as the vitamin is coated.  

I plan to go to bed early, I need to wash his sheets but he doesn't want to get up yet.  When he does I will swoop in there.  

I couldn't do it earlier, I had called Arturo already and Ron suddenly needed to use the toilet.  I had my hands full helping him with that, got him there OK but very little time left.  No time to change the sheets which is what I would have done normally.  

Worst of all, I had to leave him like that because he wanted to stay awhile and make sure he was finished.  I did not like that.  But he said he would be fine and he goes in the middle of the night most every night, and is fine, so I left him.  Didn't like it and worried sick.  

I got to Walmart and was on the soap aisle wondering how much worry was OK for me to have, for him, he called, teased me, said he fell on the floor but his tone of voice was jolly so I knew he was kidding.  He was touched I was worried.  He got back to bed fine.  He did bump my toilet paper holder but that is all, no big deal.  

But I need to change his sheet he got some food in it.  I have a small load of regular clothes and I can put the twin fitted sheet on top of that and run the load.  I have a good sized washer.  But I need the sheet to do that.  I may wait until tomorrow, I don't know.  

It's up to him.  I am just glad I got the cat food, shakes, etc.  I always buy a bag of cat food when I go to the store so they keep stocking it, and to have a reserve.  It is important to have a reserve if things get crazy I may not be able to get to the store.  If that happens I can just open a spare bag, no big deal.  

Biscuit is on a special diet and it is VITAL he get it.  The other cats can eat anything, and, frankly, I have had so many male cats develop FLUTD I would just as soon have Spotty eating it now, too.  

My supplements are supposed to come today, I sure hope so.  I will check after Arturo comes.  I really want to get started with my supplements that should help a lot with the hot flashes, etc.  I don't care about the cycle I am at least still getting notice when I ovulate so I can get ready.  If it wants to skip a few months that is fine with me.  

And I have Blue Bell Pecan Praline ice cream for dinner.  That should be delicious.  I don't do this very often so it will be a treat.  

That's it for now.  

Saturday afternoon

So I got back to my God time later.  No music this time apparently I don't have the focus.  But I got back to it so I'm pleased.   I...