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Our Lord's Crucifixion

This is Pc-Freak.Net a project created by Georgi Dimitrov Georgiev - a Bulgarian with the Mission to Share my Knowledge on the fields of Information Technologies, Free Software, Computer Operating System Management, Christianity in general and Eastern Orthodox Christianity in particular.
The site provides, a Number of Web Services and personal resources such as:

  • A collection of 886 ASCII Art pics and ASCII Text Console Games, Nice Computer and Electronic music and Collection of Penguins :)
  • Educational Video and Audio files related to Computer Technology UNIX / Windows, Eastern Orthodox Christianity, Protestant and Roman Catholic Christianity as well as other Religions and Philosophy, Worldly Music and Arts.

  • Webtools such as Htaccesser, Unit-converter, Web Proxy, WebChat, QR Generate Service, Web form for Counting Words in Text, Count song word repeater
    IRC, Web SSH to pcfreak.org, Web Virtual Keyboard, Web Whoami (What is your PC IP), Web IP / Host Whois, Web PING Service, Pastebin etc.

  • Shellscripts for System Administration automation, Qmail / Postfix / Exim Mail Server Management tools etc.

  • Enjoy !

    Georgi - Known among friends and on the internet under pseudonyms: hip0 / hipo / hipodilski, if you enjoy my site and want to become friends Contact me here or drop me an Email on: hipo__aT__pc-freak.net or add me in Twitter or Instagram or you can contact me via VKontakte
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