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Welcome to the home page of Strider Corporation, we're glad you found us! We are headquartered in beautiful Camden, SC with a satellite branch in London, UK. Final assembly facilities are under negotiation at Lee County Airport (Butters Field ? 52J) in Bishopville, SC.

Please visit any of our 3 Division homepages for more detail of our operations:

Aircraft Division ? Aircraft Design, Development and Manufacture

Security Division ? Manufacture of Aircraft and Airfield Security Products

Engineering Division ? Composite Structures & Renewable Energy, Engineering and Quality Assurance Services.

Strid' er (n.) : One who leads swiftly with long steps...

At Strider Corporation we believe in taking those long steps toward more value by pursuing innovative technologies to answer the needs of our 7 publics:


To develop high-efficiency answers for energy use and structural products with environmentally balanced strategies through aviation manufacturing and related engineering in order to ensure the sustainability of the business through planned management of progress.


To be the world leader in the manufacture of light and mid-size flying wing aircraft as the replacement of the existing, conventional general aviation fleet, to be the standard in protection of our aviation resources, and to offer world class engineering products and quality assurance services.

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