Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Hug Me, Don't Hassle Me: The Hypersensitive Workplace

Many times employees forget their responsibility to their employer or their patients especially when caring for patients--in healthcare it is about the patient and professional behavior:---
When you come to work every day, you deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. You deserve a working environment that helps you produce quality work, where communication and interactions are good-natured and not intended to offend. Your employer has a responsibility to assure a workplace environment that is free from harassing treatment. Likewise, you have the responsibility to proffer the same treatment to everyone in the workplace. If an incident or conduct is unwelcome, offensive, degrading or humiliating, then it may violate the law.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

MEEI and Dr. Hartnick in the News

This is the "real world" with our multigenerationals
MEEI and Dr. Christopher Hartnick were featured last night on WCVB's Channel 5 News in a story about a procedure that helps children with breathing problems. Called a tonsillotomy, this surgery reduces the size of swollen tonsils without removing all of the tonsils. In return a tonsillotomy can help children breathe easier and recover faster. The piece was syndicated and shown across the country in areas such as Denver, Colo., Phoenix, Ariz., Pittsburg, Pa., San Antonio, Texas, and San Diego, Calif. If you missed the story last night, you can view it online at

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Job Satisfaction

Someone on my live journal friends list recently asked, “are there actually people out there who enjoy their job?” I felt obliged to answer that I do.
Try this “job satisfaction checklist”.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Today AdSense, ClustrMap and Newsreel were added to my blog--looking forward to where this will take my blogging, too. If anyone told me I would be enjoying this 2 months ago--my response would have been' "no way"-but look at where we have gone with this class. Thanks everyone, have a great week-end

Saturday, July 14, 2007

vacation break

As I pack today--many classmates blogs have helped in my preparation--the Wedding Planner as we will attend a wedding on the cape, sunscreen for the skin,baseball caps and sunglasses to protect us from melanoma and other skin cancers, CAM for relaxation, pillow fights and sunsets on Cape Cod and also my own blog of the Multi generational Workforce. My own Gen Y's are always "in need of a day off" while the Baby Boomers in my family truly NEED the time off both mentally and physically-so off to re-group, relax,enjoy a wedding, my family and the Cape! Keep Blogging and thanks for all the education from your blogs.
The vacation relaxation technique
If you are lucky enough to take a relaxing vacation... sit on the beach... read a book... go to a show... dance... laugh... exercise... frolic... laugh some more...
Then you are getting much closer to actually helping your body be strong.

Monday, July 9, 2007

The Most-Praised Generation Goes to Work

Workers under 40 require far more stroking. They often like "trendy, name-brand merchandise" as rewards, but they also want near-constant feedback. "It's not enough to give praise only when they're exceptional, because for years they've been getting praise just for showing up," he says.
Wall Street Journal Online Article April 20,2007