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Your process asks teams good questions
But do they know how to get great answers?

Team-Company Interface (often strong)

Your NPD process asks teams good questions. You need this for portfolio management, tracking, resource planning and more.

This interface reduces mistakes.
Diagram of 2 interfaces: Team-Company interface and Team-Customer interface

Team-Customer Interface (often weak)

To find great answers competitors lack, your teams need advanced customer-facing tools & skills. Could yours be improved?

This interface drives breakthroughs!

The AIM Institute has pioneered a suite of game-changing customer-facing tools & skills… just for B2B.

Understand Needs

New Product Blueprinting

The new standard for gaining B2B customer insights—the “Six Sigma of Innovation.” Teams learn new tools and skills on real projects via workshops, e-learning and coached web-conferences.

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Develop Solution

Your company expertise here

AIM’s offerings complement and strengthen your company’s existing processes, such as Stage-Gate®

Launch Product

LaunchStar® Product Launch

Our B2B-optimized Who-to-Tell, What-to-Tell, How-to-Tell methodology drives high-impact launches. Teams learn via workshops, e-learning and coached web-conferences… during real product launches.

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