Ugly Duckling Celebs

#1?Megan Fox Ok, so no one can deny the fact that Megan Fox has had countless amounts of plastic surgery to look the way she does now, but it’s refreshing to see a photo of her before she became famous and to realize that even this Hollywood hottie wasn’t always so glamorous. The granny cardigan, […]

Kids of the past vs Kids of the Digital Age

The infographic created by the hosting company?Hostgator??is giving us detail with exact figures and changing habits of Kids of past and current generation, This infographic show us a real picture of the GEN NEXT ?in the terms of How Smart they Really are?

Things That were invented in Canada that you might not know

The good people of Canada are responsible for many inventions you use every day. Especially if you’re someone who plays Trivial Pursuit in a Wonderbra while eating peanut butter smeared on McIntosh apples. 1. PEANUT BUTTER Montreal pharmacist Marcellus Gilmore Edson envisioned his nutty ointment-like product, patented in 1884, as a food option for people […]

People Who Wear Glasses Will Understand :)

Why are you always smudged glasses why ???? Quick, how many glasses have you broken this way? 10 ? ?what ? people with glasses see everything x2 no? it makes sense Sometimes not being able to see is a good thing Every day. every single day When you drink a hot drink and the fog […]

Download Torrents Directly Fastly

Torrents are the most common ways to download movies, softwares, games, etc. But to download torrents is a headache as many torrents are having few seeds or may be the peers are less to you ultimately get low speed while downloading it. Many of you would have searched?Google.com?for finding the “Fastest way to download Torrents […]

A Breathing Earth

I found very interesting gifs created by John Nelson,?a programmer at IDV Solutions Company, took pictures from NASA Visible Earth?project, he collected 12 photos of our planet Earth taken at different time of the year, and made a Gif?resulting in a short but fascinating animation which looking like “A Breathing Earth”. Project details can be […]

Best needle and Thread Textile art

When she travels the world, Teresa Lim captures snapshots of her surroundings with needle and thread. In her series?Sew Wanderlust, the artist embroiders surprisingly detailed canvases of places she visits on-site. This method of preserving memories lets her truly take in her surroundings. Lim must spend time sitting in one place, observing details and stitching […]

Extraordinary gifted cat. Just Awesome

The ancient Egyptians worshipped cats. It therefore makes a lot of sense that cats should have some sort of mystical power to justify their worship. One such magically-empowered feline calls Steere House Nursing and Rehabilitation in Rhode Island home. He has lived there for 7 years and in that time has shown to have a […]

Tasting Lemon for the First Time

David Wile and April Maciborka present Pucker, a collaborative project in which they photograph a series of children tasting lemon for the first time. It is not hard to understand why they describe citrus as entertainment as they offer us some really expressive children faces . A great series to discover in pictures.  

Living women born in 1800s

Women tend to live longer than men. It’s unknown exactly why but theories hint at a couple of different factors, such as estrogen helps protect the heart until after menopause.?So while these women do have the upper hand when it comes to living a long life, they clearly have some other tricks up their sleeve. […]

shaving cream
Secrets of Shaving Cream That everyone should know

Shaving cream can be found in almost all houses without any exception. Although usually used for only shaving, there are many alternate?uses of the cream that have been hidden from us. So, we have compiled a list of 5 uses of shaving cream that you folks didn’t know about. 5. Squeaky Doors Take that shaving […]

Everyday Objects Into Awesome Creatures

Following are some awesome design examples in which a designer has awesomly created amazing creatures from the daily objects. You can try something like this as well and impress your friends and others. Enjoy! Takeoff in the Morning Note Ship Hairdonut Electriphant Good Morning Healthy M Music to My Ears Sock Panda Octopus Banana Washnado […]

Cats exactly same like some Famous People

Following are some pictures in which you can see some cats that are exactly like some of the famous personalities and it looks just awesome. You will watch these pictures again and again. Share these pictures with your friends and Enjoy!

ninja cats
Funny Ninja Cats

Have you seen ninja cats before? No. Then this post is for you. This post contains some amazing pictures of cats that are just looking like ninja cats. Pictures are so funny and you will not be able to stop your laugh. Enjoy!

Awesome Selfies Photography and Tips

A very interesting tale found on One Big Photo Site , will prove that your selfies are so boring, check it out: ?You are not taking selfies inside heavier-than-air aircraft above fields of Czech Republic. You are not taking selfies with your friends on top of Hong Kong’s skyscraper roof. You are not taking selfies […]